Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip- Last Part - my return trip

Around 11.30 a.m , we all met at Food court in GEC 2. We sat there and had casual talks, future plans like switching company, marriage etc. One thing was quite sure by the end of conversation- there will not be a reunion again as we need to wear Infosys tag for entering Mysore campus.(Hope you got the reason.I don't want to say more about it as it would be violation of Infosys policy. )

After 1p.m , we went to parking area and took cycle for a final round of cycling and had our lunch from Oasis Food Court. By 3 p.m, I said bye to my friends as my bus was at 5 p.m. Did tears came from my eyes? I think yes. I don't know how to explain that moment. People who born in different parts of India , met at mysore, lived together for six months and they splitted to different parts of the country again.But those six months in my life,have high importance.It was my Mysore life, which showed me the life outside Kerala. It was my friends here , who told about different cultures and believes existing in different part of our country. It was them who gave confidence for me when I was mentally down after some exams.It was them who were my family for six months. Will I meet them again? I don't know. But I can say one thing ,they have a space in my heart and I want to meet them again.Friends from Tamil Nadu were leaving only on 16th monday as it was Pongal Holiday for them. And friends from Bhuwaneswar would leave by 8.30 at night. I said Good Bye to Mysore campus and caught bus to City.

I reached bus stand by 4 p.m and started waiting for bus.Two years back I waited here for the same bus. That time mind was full of excitement.Waiting to reach Trivandrum. But now... My mind was full of my experiences in Mysore. From Day 1 to end of training days and the last two days. Will I come to Mysore again? I had no idea. But one thing was sure that, this was my last trip to Mysore as an Infoscion. I would not be entering to Mysore campus again , wearing black tag.

By 4.30 p.m bus parked in stand. Everyone was on a rush as if they would not get seat if they enter late.I checked my ticket again. Seat number -25. So no one could sit there.I sat in a chair in bus stand looking at people, made sure everyone entered and then I went to conductor to show my ticket. I had booked a window seat.When I went to seat, another guy sitting in nearby seat. He had already put headset and was hearing music. I went and sat on my seat. Since he was busy in listening to music, I didn't speak to him. I was about to cry when bus started moving.But whatever happens, life must go on.

I slept for sometime as I didn't sleep well on previous day.(I had explained it on part 6). By 6 p.m , I woke up, when they put movie. "Abhimaan" - one of the super hits in seventies starring Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan. I really got wondered how K.S.R.T.C (Karnataka State Transport Corporation) got disk of such old movies and why they took such a great effort to show them to us. But the movie was really interesting.A husband's ego issues, when wife became famous. Something that could happen in everyone's life.A very good message was conveyed in it.Only problem I felt was the number of songs. There were seven or eight songs in that two hour movie. Amitabh looks Jaya - one song. Jaya looks back - another song, like that it went. But it was not so boring as the songs were really good.

Around 9 p.m bus reached Wayanad. I was happy to reach my native state.We had food from a hotel in Kalpetta.
They tried to make me eat chicken or beef, but they too failed. I am not explaining it here as it would be an exact replica of the scene that I told in part 1 . After food, bus started it's journey to Trivandrum.
Around 10 p.m, the guy sitting near me got a call. I assume it was his girlfriend. But he was speaking very silently that everyone could hear what he was saying. It was like this -

" edi, njan thiruvanthapurathottu pokkondirikkuva. Avide PED enna oru departmentila posting kittiye.etho oru Shibuvine kaananam enna evidunnu paranjathu. Aara ennariyilla. puthiya SEZ office aanu. aa kappalinte shape-ilulla kettidam. Ninakkariyille?athu thanne. PED-il aareyum parichayamilla.Naale thanne poyi join cheyyanam" ( I am on the way to Trivandrum. I got posting in a department called PED there. They told to meet one Shibu. I have no idea who is he.In SEZ office.You have seen that building. That big building in the shape of a ship. Tomorrow I will join there).

I decided to talk to him.I started as if I didn't hear his call.
I : Hai
he: Hai
I : Where are you going?
He: Trivandrum.
I : You working there?
He: Yes, in a company called Infosys.
I : Infosys!!!Which department??
He: You know Infosys?
I: I am working there for last 2 years.
( I don't know how to explain his face expression after hearing this.)

He : You are in which department brother?
I : PED.
He : Me too got the same department.
I : Oh, okies. Very Good (laughing in mind).
He : Is there any good projects there? I had training in Java.
I : There are projects.I don't know exactly which all projects have requirements. Only you got posting in Trivandrum?
He : No. There are many. Others will come tomorrow only.
The conversation lasted for three hours. He asked everything about Infosys Trivandrum.
I could feel the same excitement that I had when I came to Trivandrum, two years back.Infact I felt like I am watching me. So this was a perfect climax for my trip.
We slept by 1 p.m.
(I hope this guy is not reading my blog)
On 16th January,by 6 a.m , Bus reached Trivandrum.
I came to office at 9 a.m and started writing part 1 of this blog.

The end.

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