Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Rise of the Right Wing

The second decade of twenty first century is witnessing two major rises
1. The rise of the right wing across the globe and
2. The rise of Super Powers with signals of cold war 2.0.

There was a time the capitalist economies were saying that the world is flat and the world should embrace globalization.There were many economists across the globe who were great advocates of it and many researches were published explaining the advantages of the same. But, when we look at the actual implementation what we could see was that it was a newer version of colonization where the developing countries of Asia and Africa were handling the commodities/labour which is the lower chain of value addition curve and value addition was done by Europe and US with the help of technology. The idea worked successfully for West in 1980s and 1990s and it had helped to widen the economic inequality between the west and the east. However there were a few assumptions that went wrong and the developed nations are paying now for their mistake.

The major assumption was that the east will always work on commodity products like exporting of  Minerals and other natural resources and they will act as the labourers of the west in manufacturing sector with  little investment on technology/value addition. However time has proven that the assumption went wrong. The reverse engineering has helped the developing countries to do value addition. This has resulted in creation of wealth in developing nations which is large enough to acquire companies in the west which will further help the developing world to compete against the developed nations. While the twentieth Century saw the development of European Companies with the support of Technology, twenty first Century is witnessing the rise of Asian countries as super powers.

Another assumption was that it was easy to displace the entire population  of job seekers from farming to service sector. While it was somewhat successful in US where just 2% of total population is farmers and they were able to shift the 98% of the population to manufacturing and service sector what they had forgotten is that the Eastern countries can also acquire the same skill set and they are ready to work at a lower wage rate which will ultimately give them advantage when they acquire the technology. This has resulted in replacement of domestic employees in the developed nation with low cost employees from the developing nations or transfer of the manufacturing and service sector units itself to the developing countries thereby increasing the transfer of wealth. (And the poor in the west cannot go back to agriculture now as the lands were already purchased by the corporate companies)

The big picture of globalization was missed by the western population partially because of the shift in employment among the population to the service sector which has helped them to increase their wages and also because globalization has helped them to control inflation as they were able to replace the high value domestic product with low cost products from developing countries thereby ensuring sufficient amount for recreation as well as savings. Also it was acceptable for the developing countries as it created job opportunities in the developing world which had relatively less skill set. However, as time passed by, the aspirations of the developing countries has also changed and they also wanted to follow the same consumption pattern of the west. They also started to shift the work force to manufacture and service sector thereby challenging the dominance of the western world in the field. This has resulted in the replacement of high salaried Western people with low to medium salaried Asian and African labourers.

This shift got accelerated in the beginning of twenty first Century and within twenty years, the western world has realized their mistake. This has resulted in the rise of the right wing protectionist ideology in West. The victory of Trump,Macron,Putin and Brexit shows that the rise of nationalism and the feel for national identity has started to rise in the western world. The irony is that the same right wing ideology which is in rise in Asia also who are advocates of Globalization. While the nationalism has helped Narendra Modi to come to power in India, the communist government in China has also embraced the ideology in a different way by giving infinite Power to Xi JinPing which was to make China a Super Power and also the create a feeling among the population that the communist government is capable of protecting the people of China by reducing unemployment using Globalization. In other words , Left is also Right in China even though we call the party as Communist Party.

What globalization and capitalism has actually created is concentration of wealth among a small elite class of population. This relative inequality has resulted in frustration among those who were left out. The irony is that the Poor in the East believes they are poor because of the exploitation from the western world and the poor in the west believes they are poor because of the cheap labourers from the Eastern world and in both worlds the Right Wing ideology has risen from the ashes like the phoenix. But the fact is inequality exist in both East and West and relative inequality within a country is increasing day by day. This is not actually because of the concept of globalization but because of its creator - Capitalism. People who created the wealth were able to mislead the anger of poor to the factors outside the nation. Thus they tried to act like the protectors of the nation while they continue to exploit the people using the money and muscle power which they possess. And it has lead to the second point which I have mentioned in the beginning, the rise of cold war. The current trade war between the world nations in not actually to protect the nation, but to protect the capitalists of  each country who actually controls the larger businesses of those nation. The poor in US will never get benefited by creating a trade barrier with China.It will in fact create inflation in the country.However the poor believes that the policy can actually protect them. This is same for all the countries where the nationalism is on rise.

The real danger of current nationalism is they can keep the elite safe for a few more years but it cannot help to increase the equality within the country as the exploitation is actually continuing and there will be a point at which this will burst and can lead either to violence that we are seeing in many underdeveloped countries in Africa or a recession which we have seen in developed countries. Both are not good for any country. Hence the time has come for the governments to understand the real issue existing in the society and to resolve the same rather than shifting it as delay in time will only amplify the frustrations which can result in many disastrous incidents for all the countries. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kerala @ 60:A Retrospection

On 1st November2016, Kerala has finally joined the league of senior citizens among the Indian states. A land of paradoxes , there are several unique features one can notice in Kerala. Kerala government was the first democratically elected communist government in the world. Kerala is always ranked top among most of the parameters to identify a welfare state- Highest HDI Index, Highest literacy rate, Health etc. to one of the early birds in India to achieve the status of open defecation free state. It is also to be noticed that Kerala is always one of the leading states in implementing central government schemes, be it MGNREGS by UPA or Swachh Bharat by NDA. Government of Kerala (irrespective of left or right) has always played a crucial role as an implementing agency. But it is to be noted that Kerala has the higher percentage of emigrant population. The time has come to think why the people are migrating from such a beautiful state, which has all the basic requirements, to settle in other cities of India and abroad? 

One of the most important factors for the relative development of the state was the higher literacy rate compared to rest of India. While the average literacy rate of India was 16% at the time of Independence, it was 46% in Kerala. This higher literacy rate had always helped Kerala to work more efficiently as an implementing agency for most of the government schemes. Kerala government had also given focus on investments in education and health sector during 1960s and 70s which had also helped in making Kerala a relatively better off state. But one of the most important flaws of the model was that the investment was heavily on non-income generating activities without much focus on revenue generation/job creation. A model can be considered sustainable only when it is able to survive without the support of an external agency. Otherwise it will fail with the closure of external funding source. In other words, most of the schemes in Kerala were implemented with the aid from central government or some international funding agencies with a target driven approach, without giving focus on employment generation (which would have helped in generating more revenue for the state government). This has resulted in creating a generation of educated people who could become an efficient work force but didn’t get a chance to prove their talent in their home state due to lack of opportunities. 

We can also say that most of these investments were with a short term view, more in line with the national trends. But it should be noted that the demands of each state were different. For example, if we look at the investments in health sector most of the investments were designed to handle infectious diseases which spread through various sources like air, water etc. But currently non infectious diseases like Cancer, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Blood pressure etc. are becoming a threat mostly because of food habits and our current hospitals are not equipped to handle those diseases. Similarly if we look at education sector, we can see that engineering had more importance in Kerala where most of the revenue generation sources are from service sector like Banking, Tourism etc. This has resulted in building up a generation of engineers who work in different sectors which has no relation with what they had studied in colleges. Remaining engineers had migrated to rest of the world where engineering still has some importance. In both cases (health and education), Kerala has done statistically well because the parameters for measuring performance was primarily set based on national parameters.

As the literacy rate in Kerala started to increase, people started to look for jobs which give better salary. As a result they started to lose interest in traditional jobs like agriculture, daily labour, construction work etc. which were occupied by migrant workers from other states; earlier by people from Tamil Nadu and currently from East and North East India. On the other side, neither government nor private sector investments had occurred in Kerala which would have given better job opportunities. This resulted in massive migration to gulf, Mumbai (now to Banglore) and other Western countries which today we proudly say as our NRI strength.  Initial migration was to Gulf countries getting citizenship is not very easy. This had helped Kerala to get lot of cash inflow from the gulf countries. However, similar to government, most of the funds were invested for consumption purposes like home, gold etc. and only very few portion was invested for any income generation or job creation purposes. And currently, as migration trend has shifted US and Europe, where tax rate is higher and receiving citizenship is easier, people who migrate tend to invest the money there itself. In fact people who sell all their assets in Kerala and become permanent residents in US and Europe are increasing and after one or two generations they may not have any relation with Kerala. This will further reduce the money available for development of Kerala.

Currently when we look at Kerala’s economic situation, Kerala is struggling to maintain the schools and hospitals set up by the government because of the huge maintenance expenses. However revenue for the government through taxes not grown sufficiently during the same period to match with those expenses and for new development projects.  As a result, fiscal deficit has increased and borrowings have gone up sharply in last two decades. Fiscal liabilities have increased from Rs.33,777 crore in 2002-03 to Rs. 1,41,947 crore in 2014-15. It is also to be noted that the migration from Kerala to West has increased during the same period and one of the districts – Pathanamthitta has shown a negative population growth for the first time in history mainly due to the shifting of people to the western world. 

In other words, while Kerala is becoming a senior citizen, she is also becoming economically weaker and weaker and both politicians and local population is not worried about the same, believing we can always find a heaven in the west. The time has come for government to rethink its strategy and take a new path so that Kerala will have a local population who can survive in the state with a decent income, not like the current old age home where the parents are living in Kerala and their children working outside.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Communism and Pseudos

Election of 2016 was very different in many ways especially with the active participation of the political leaders in social media. Even though BJP had effectively used the social media during 2014 elections, its influence in Kerala had peaked only in current elections with the entry of communist party and party workers into the social media. At first it may not sound wrong as any person and any party have the right to market their ideology. But the most important factor which is being neglected is the influence / penetration of capitalism and its ideologies into Communism. 

There was a time that communist party was working among the poor, mobilizing them against the feudal lords. It had helped the party to make its presence in many parts of the country and to become the main opposition in the first government of Independent India. However, they had failed to keep the momentum for one simple reason that communism is getting diluted day by day. Today communism had become a fantastic ideology that may never be able to make a comeback. This is mainly because of the fact that the people who are propagating the ideas themselves are being influenced by capitalism and their propagators. 

For example, we have seen lot of ideological fights happening across social media, say facebook. Facebook, a company opened by a capitalist in United States of America had earned millions in the name of communism and advertisements and discussions related to Communist party and ideologies. The Communists use the same social media to protest against the capitalists for one simple reason that majority of the population are under the influence of the media which is owned by capitalists. So, how can we expect Communism which diluted itself for promoting their ideologies, to escape the people from exploitation from capitalists? But people use the same social media and proudly say that they are the comrades who want to bring the change in the society. 

Another biggest threat to Communist ideologies is the influence of Pseudo Communists who are always under the influence of capitalism and its tempting yet deadly beauty. Middle class of Kerala is the biggest example. Most of them are currently working under the private companies which are owned by capitalists bourgeois who are settled in India or abroad. They are aware of the fact that they are being exploited, but they love being exploited just because of the materialistic pleasures that capitalism is offering. Today we can see communists who are working for capitalists, wearing the formals designed by capitalists, eating from Dominos/McDonalds/ any other hotel chain owned by capitalists using a mobile phone which is again designed and manufactured by the capitalists with a capitalist sim which was being purchased after falling in love with the advertisement of those companies. They are be using a vehicle which is manufactured by a firm owned by capitalists or even public transport of which most of the vehicles are still made by the same capitalist firms even though owned by government (which is again influenced by right wing ideologies). In simple words we can see that the people are under the influence of market right from dawn (brushing with colgate/close up) to desk (sleeping on a mattress) and still they talk about communism. Most of the products that we consume today are the output of systematic exploitation by the capitalists. Knowingly or unknowingly every human being is being exploited by capitalism and they will continue to do the same for the simple reason there is always a demand for the same. But still the so called pseudo intellectuals never accept about the influence and they continue discussing about a world which is not under the influence of bourgeois. 

Communism, at times, failed to identify the real enemies who are causing the real threat to the poor. Capitalism and its exploitation can exist in different sizes and forms at different levels within a society. It exists in all the areas where there is a probability of concentration of resources; be it wealth or power or anything else. Even democracy is becoming oligarchy in this modern world. Communist party which should have been acting vigilantly against these forces fails to redesign itself to become any of those as ‘participative democracy’, explained by Marx is something which is still unknown to the party. ‘Opium of Masses’ is gaining strength in the world with the rise of terrorism across the globe. Thus the fundamentals of communism are facing many challenges than never before and the propagators of the socialist ideologists are being corrupted by the influence of the capitalist class.

Even in the middle of challenges it is really surprising that the party is able to still hold their strength in a few pockets across the globe. But the political activities and governance under the communist party never justifies their thoughts and action. A party which claims to bring development in Kerala fails to create job within Kerala. People have to migrate to other metro cities and to Middle East to get a decent job which is mostly offered by private companies whose aim is profit maximization. Revenue generation activities by government organizations are reducing day by day with more than half of the government companies are in huge losses. Government has to depend on World Bank and other Financial Institutions promoted by First World Nations to meet their daily needs and it is quite sure that these institutions will only protect the interest of those capitalist countries. Slowly and steadily party ideologies are losing grounds against the market forces and are facing a premature death. Communist party may be able to survive, but the ideologies will never survive if a strong corrective action is not taken by them and the party will fall into the hands of capitalism. Communist Party has won the election, but did the Communist ideology win?  Remember, we had French Revolution and Napoleon Boneparte was the end result; power and resources never reached to the arms of poor.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tolerant world and Intolerant India!!

Aamir Khan, another great Artist from India, has joined the debate on intolerance. In fact for the last few weeks we are seeing a few 'intellectual' guys sitting around in an air conditioned room and discussing whether we are becoming intolerant or not. And we have been tolerant to their discussions, though they called us intolerant. Bihar elections came just like a conclusion to those discussions and the initial victory was for the so called 'tolerant' force. Finally, when everyone started to discuss about black money, development etc, here comes our PK hero with the same intolerance discussion.

It is really nice to know that Aamir Khan got a wife who is aware of all the incidents happening across the nation.But it is the time to read the international column in news papers also. I would like to know the nation where they can live happily without any threat.

Europe was the best options till a few days back. But not anymore. Islamic State also prefers Europe just like the millionaires in India prefer.Another option will be United States of America, a beautiful land where the native tolerant people where forced to work under the White British and always been ruled by the them. But still the region is more tolerant than India!! Aamir and Kiran will be quite safe there. But what about their children? Every week there will be some news which shows some child has taken a gun to school and killed all classmates. A very tolerant generation!! Aamir can send his child to school on his own risk. But don't blame India's intolerance for whatever happening in America. Even though Sharukh is competitior, watching his movie 'My name is Khan' will help to increase GK.

Another great option is to move to Australia. The entire continent is very tolerant. Anyone who has a beard and a turban need to take a life insurance before landing. But Aamir doesn't have to worry. He is a 'Yo Yo' person. But, be careful in telling name.He also has got a second name which may not be tolerated by a few religious tolerant people there.

Another zone where Aamir should consider moving is Middle East. The region is quite nice for Aamir, but may not be nice for his wife , as she may not like to wear Pardah 24*7. But don't worry, that region is also more tolerant than India!! There are a few more options like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, ,Afghanisthan, Pakisthan and a few African countries. Those regions are very tolerant. But getting a job which suit the profile will be quite difficult. But still, it is worth trying. People have the freedom to choose the way of death. Bomb, rocket,gun, knife, stones etc...

Another region is Scandinavian countries which can offer you a decent job but they will take all your money back as income tax. More over they might not have seen Bollywood movies.

And another great option is China. The nation which loved Aamir as PK. People's Republic of China,a very tolerant nation. People has got lot of freedom to express. One morning Aamir can say the tolerance topic there; By evening he can join Dalai Lama at Dharmashala,Arunachal Pradesh. We Indians are known for giving refugee to everyone who needs.
But still, India is the most intolerant nation in the world!!

Dear Aamir,
Please be a little careful in speaking. We have a democratic system and people know how to respond to tolerance and intolerance. We saw your PK. We laughed and in the evening we went to temple. Can you think of doing a similar story about any other religion? And more importantly, if you think people of India have became intolerant after watching all your Satyameva Jayate episodes, it means you are a flop in conveying the message.

I am an Indian who belongs to Incredible India. Not your intolerant India.

P.S : I will again watch your good movies because I like you as an actor and I won't mix your personal life with professional life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The wind of change

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world. " - Mahatma Gandhi

India is the land of Paradoxes. We say about the value of life, but will not act to save any life even if we see an accident. We say about the value of literacy, but will not do anything to improve the current situation. We say about poverty, but will not act. We have a very 'genuine' excuse to it - 'These are duties of Government, not mine!!' Of course, there are a few who genuinely like to do something to the society and I like to dedicate this post to them. The blog is about a set of people who are trying to change the life of a few illiterate children.

Last year, our college has got approval for increasing the batch size to 180. (For those who doesn't know my background - I am studying in IRMA, Anand ,Gujarat. ) The construction of class room, hostel etc. had started in last December. Hundreds of contract labourers are working in campus. They are actually migrants from Odisha. They come with their children to work place, as no one at home to look after their children. It is really nice to see the children playing around in the ground, enjoying their time. The sad part is - they are not going to school!! Parents want them to become construction workers by the age of ten, so that they can also contribute to their family income. 

Like us, they are also in IRMA. While we become the so called 'managers'  and conquer 'great heights' , these children will grow up and become construction workers, lives in some slums, do the work till their health is fine and probably they will die due to mishap at construction site. Some ministers may cry for a few minutes and no one cares their family after that. Many of us feel sad and had sympathy to them. But none of us did anything to stop this, until someone took the initiative .

One of my friend , Sudhir Kumar decided to teach them!! Inspired by his initiative, many of us joined with him. We donated 100 rupees each and bought sufficient stationery items. Within one week, we had a small board and about 20 notebooks for the children. We started with teaching them numbers and languages.Everyday two of us will teach the children in the evening after our class.Their interest in learning surprised us. Most of them learned things quite fast.Now they have learnt English - A to Z , Numbers 1-50 , name of some fruits,vegetables etc etc.Encouraged by our activity, one of our faculty's wife, a school teacher, promised to volunteer the activity while we are away for internship.

Currently, on June 2014, we are out of campus for our internship. But the children still gets tuition.We do not know whether this can make any difference in their life. We were not able to convince their parents regarding the importance of proper school learning. However we are doing our best. If one of them get a better life, we will be very happy. After all , life is not about collecting certificates.

We cannot say that this is our kindness. We are just trying to do our part as the responsible citizens of  India. From tomorrow, before you start complaining about the situation of our country, before you start praising the western countries for their so called development, ask yourself what have you given to your nation? A nation develops when the citizens work for the country. India has not developed. Why? 

P.S : Team members- Sudhir Kumar, Alankrita Goswami, Shivansh Mishra, Alok Anand, Sayeree Das, Srishti Mishra, Gadha Raj, Vikram , Ishita Kotak, Ishita Srivastava,Anjali Choudary and Sumodh G Namboothiri

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This post is about a man who changed 20th century. If this guy was not born, the entire history would have been different. I am sure that you all know him. His name is Schkl Groober, popularly known as Adolf Hitler.
what comes to your mind when you hear about him?? A mad man who killed millions of people?? A man who destroyed the entire world??? Yes ,it is right to some extent. But it is also noted that he had many positives.

First of all, just think why we hate Hitler? Answer is quite simple.I would say that our school chapters have played an important role in it. From childhood itself, we are injecting into the mind of child that Hitler was a bad man. No wonder, when the child grows he/she will hate him. But who killed more people? Hitler in Germany or America in Hiroshima and Nagazaki? But did our school texts which says many things about cruelty of Hitler , raised any voice against America ?

When Hitler came to power,condition of Germany was worse. Everything was destroyed in First world war. Industries were down, agricultural land had lost fertitily because bombings,the value of mark( German currency ) was decreasing every minute.Germans were starving to death.No nations gave any help to them.They were like untouchables to other nations. Naturally it lighted a fire in the mind of Germans and it is this fire that helped them to become world power again. From the bad condition Germany became world's number one country by 1938.Well, we can tell that it is just military strength, but one thing is true that Germans,were happy with him. I do accept that he was cruel to Jews, but it is not enough to cover the strength that he made for German economy.Germans under the leadership of Hitler gained more power , both Physically and mentally. They acquired the power in 10-15 years that Indians are still trying to get even after sixtysix years.

Was Hitler alone responsible for Second World War?? We learned like it was Hitler's plan.But when we take it on a broad angle, we can see that it was actually a revenge of a brave man to those who destroyed his nation on first world war.If a country attacks India and destroy,do we stay calm and quiet? so why we blame Hitler alone???

In the end, we can say that Hitler fallen down on 2nd world war.Americans are saying it proudly. But just take a map and look size of Germany, Italy and Japan.These 3 small nations fought against rest of world for 6 years.Just imagine that situation.If we say Germany , Italy and Japan were military power what about rest of the world? In the end, eventhough Big five nations won the fight, they have nothing to get proud of. They had to use even atom bomb to finish the war, i really feel pity on that. Just imagine -America using their entire army power to destroy 300 small islands.Even if we put all those islands together, it doesn't have size of kerala !!!

Now think about a situation- Hitler won 2nd world war. Then what might hav happened??? The same texts, that say hitler is bad, will contain heroism of hitler, he would have been the best man in the world,who fought against the colonialism of America and Britain.Hitler would have been a hero who saved the entire world. He would have been the man who helped Subhash Chandra Bose to get freedom for India.

Hitler may have done many things wrong,but he was the man who changed the story of a complete century,his ideologies may be wrong, but he was hardworking and courageous and a NO FEAR man,such leaders are very rare in todays world.He shown it even at the time of his death. Whatever we say,we have to accept one fact -Hitler was a great leader.

P.S :
I wrote this article in malayalam when I was in +2. Later it was published in college magazine.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A journey to Badoli(Gujrat) - last part

  part 1

  Part 2

Day 3 : 

We got up around 5 am. In last two days we talked to many people , but we never got any chance to talk to two major castes. Brahmins and Harijans. So this time, we decided to do something different and that had really helped us to get a different picture on the other side of village. By 6 am , we went toSwami Narayan Mandir and Jai MataJi temple, near the cooperative society. And this time , god came infront of us as Hasmukh Giri, the priest in that temple. When we told him that we came to see the village and to know about the life of people here, he took us to the house of harijans . He gave us information about a persion called IndraSingh Rathore , who is helping the villagers to sharing his knowledge. 

First we went to Indrasingh Rathore’s house . He is an NIFT alumnus. But he stays in the village and teaches  handicraft to Harijans and tribals there. They make statues of coconut fibre. So far around 321 people have got training in handicraft and he is teaching more people.Last month he had exported ‘200 coconut fibre kiwis ’ to New Zealand.He had shown us ‘how to make a bird in 6 minutes’. If we had never seen him, it would have been a big mistake from our side. (I am planning to write a separate post on Indrasingh Rathore and his works in village later).
A masterpiece of Indrasingh Rathore
Shailesh with Indrasingh Rathore and Hasmukh Giri

From there , we went to Harijan Colonies there. One thing we noticed in this village is both brahmins and harijans are living together.We met a person called Suthriya Punjiram Haribhai. He has an NGO named  Akhila Bharathiya Anthim Vikas Samithi.It works for helping a family to perform cremation of body (if they need financial help)  and help  the widows among Harijans. From him we got the ‘harijan’ version of development in Gujrat. As I had heard before, the politics in Gujrat is splited on caste basis with upper caste/patel supporting one party and the Harijans supporting another . One caste praising the government for all the developments while the second caste is struggling to live. They are feeling that they were ignored by government.
A person working on weaving machine - Weaving was their main source of income till 1991

Most of the Harijans were engaged in weaving job till 1991. LPG had really changed their life. When India changed its financial policy to the so called phenomenon LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) , people who had some professional skill managed to improve their lifestyle ,while the second group, who were struggling were totally thrown out of the equation. In 1991, around 250 families of Harijans were engaged in weaving and similar jobs where as now there are only 2 families doing the same. Others were forced to go for jobs like brick manufacturing and other daily labour jobs as they were not able to get earnings from weaving. We have also seen a small handweave industry which was forced to shut because of the negligence of both central and state government.

After talking to him, we went to the private hospital in the village as that is the only place left in our list to visit. But , on our way,  we met a person called Rajeev Kumar. Infact he was waiting to meet the two strangers who came to see his village. He too had a story to tell.The Harijans were having a co operative weaving industry called Sri. Mahathma Gandhi Gujrat Seva Mandal. It was working fine for the first few years. But later, when control of textile Industry was moved from State Government to Central Government, they lost all the subsidies and other support.For the last ten years he was trying to contact the officials to get approval of various papers. But central government office is saying that they have not received the paper from state government and state government is saying that they have given it at the time of transfer of control from state to central. They somehow managed to work it till 2010, but finally closed its functioning as they were not getting any help. We didn't not know why he came to us and told the story. He might have thought that we might be some journalists and so we might post it on newspaper.Anyway we could say one thing. He represents the frustration of the unemployed mass of India. I really wish government will take some action and make the industry work again. 

After listening to Rajeev's story, we  went  to hospital.   We met the doctor there and talked to him about various diseases in the village , major health issues faced by children etc. He explained everything to us.(Without taking consultation charge!!!) 

Thus, by 2 pm, our trip got finished , collecting almost all the data about the village. By this time , we had became so famous that people whom we didn’t even know came to us and started to ask did we like their village. When we were about to leave, Shailesh told that he wanted to stand in next panchayat election as everyone will vote for him.

As we felt everyone is over, we went back to our rooms and took rest. In the evening, when the vetinary doctor came, he gave us details about number of cows and buffaloes as of last census and other details like how they are treated by co operatives etc. At night the same process repeated. We went to the same place where we used to sit and talked to all for hours. We had started to feel sad, as we had to leave on next morning.

Day 4 : 

 We woke up around 4 am and got ready. We had decided to start our return journey by 7 am.We had told  Sanjay, Sid (Siddharth),Amit  and Santhosh to reach Idar City. We had planned to visit Ambaji temple also before going back to campus. Ambaji is a famous temple in Gujrat, just like Thirupathi in Andhra Pradesh. Everyone in the village had told us to visit the temple and told that the godess there is very powerful. Everyone reached Idar by 8 am. And we had planned to go to Ambaji in GSRTC Bus (Gujrat State Road transport Corporation Bus).But Amit told he didn’t like to come, due to some personal reasons.But we had decided to visit temple as we never get a chance like this again. Personally I was very happy that I got a chance to visit one of the famous temples in Gujrat within a week after reaching Gujrat.Ambaji temple is at Gujrat Rajasthan Border. It is a big temple with Amba ji (Durga Devi- I am not sure about the goddess , but I think so ) After going to temple, we got a bus from Ambaji to Anand. we came back to campus by 9 pm.  

 Thus, by the end of the trip, we had met almost all groups of people , visited important schools,hospitals and temples in the village. We had seen the agricultural field and Goshaala, and the mineral water plant.More importantly , we got a few good friends and a few days which we always like to remember in our life…. Thus we got a chance to breath in a bit of Gujrat…