Saturday, May 28, 2016

Communism and Pseudos

Election of 2016 was very different in many ways especially with the active participation of the political leaders in social media. Even though BJP had effectively used the social media during 2014 elections, its influence in Kerala had peaked only in current elections with the entry of communist party and party workers into the social media. At first it may not sound wrong as any person and any party have the right to market their ideology. But the most important factor which is being neglected is the influence / penetration of capitalism and its ideologies into Communism. 

There was a time that communist party was working among the poor, mobilizing them against the feudal lords. It had helped the party to make its presence in many parts of the country and to become the main opposition in the first government of Independent India. However, they had failed to keep the momentum for one simple reason that communism is getting diluted day by day. Today communism had become a fantastic ideology that may never be able to make a comeback. This is mainly because of the fact that the people who are propagating the ideas themselves are being influenced by capitalism and their propagators. 

For example, we have seen lot of ideological fights happening across social media, say facebook. Facebook, a company opened by a capitalist in United States of America had earned millions in the name of communism and advertisements and discussions related to Communist party and ideologies. The Communists use the same social media to protest against the capitalists for one simple reason that majority of the population are under the influence of the media which is owned by capitalists. So, how can we expect Communism which diluted itself for promoting their ideologies, to escape the people from exploitation from capitalists? But people use the same social media and proudly say that they are the comrades who want to bring the change in the society. 

Another biggest threat to Communist ideologies is the influence of Pseudo Communists who are always under the influence of capitalism and its tempting yet deadly beauty. Middle class of Kerala is the biggest example. Most of them are currently working under the private companies which are owned by capitalists bourgeois who are settled in India or abroad. They are aware of the fact that they are being exploited, but they love being exploited just because of the materialistic pleasures that capitalism is offering. Today we can see communists who are working for capitalists, wearing the formals designed by capitalists, eating from Dominos/McDonalds/ any other hotel chain owned by capitalists using a mobile phone which is again designed and manufactured by the capitalists with a capitalist sim which was being purchased after falling in love with the advertisement of those companies. They are be using a vehicle which is manufactured by a firm owned by capitalists or even public transport of which most of the vehicles are still made by the same capitalist firms even though owned by government (which is again influenced by right wing ideologies). In simple words we can see that the people are under the influence of market right from dawn (brushing with colgate/close up) to desk (sleeping on a mattress) and still they talk about communism. Most of the products that we consume today are the output of systematic exploitation by the capitalists. Knowingly or unknowingly every human being is being exploited by capitalism and they will continue to do the same for the simple reason there is always a demand for the same. But still the so called pseudo intellectuals never accept about the influence and they continue discussing about a world which is not under the influence of bourgeois. 

Communism, at times, failed to identify the real enemies who are causing the real threat to the poor. Capitalism and its exploitation can exist in different sizes and forms at different levels within a society. It exists in all the areas where there is a probability of concentration of resources; be it wealth or power or anything else. Even democracy is becoming oligarchy in this modern world. Communist party which should have been acting vigilantly against these forces fails to redesign itself to become any of those as ‘participative democracy’, explained by Marx is something which is still unknown to the party. ‘Opium of Masses’ is gaining strength in the world with the rise of terrorism across the globe. Thus the fundamentals of communism are facing many challenges than never before and the propagators of the socialist ideologists are being corrupted by the influence of the capitalist class.

Even in the middle of challenges it is really surprising that the party is able to still hold their strength in a few pockets across the globe. But the political activities and governance under the communist party never justifies their thoughts and action. A party which claims to bring development in Kerala fails to create job within Kerala. People have to migrate to other metro cities and to Middle East to get a decent job which is mostly offered by private companies whose aim is profit maximization. Revenue generation activities by government organizations are reducing day by day with more than half of the government companies are in huge losses. Government has to depend on World Bank and other Financial Institutions promoted by First World Nations to meet their daily needs and it is quite sure that these institutions will only protect the interest of those capitalist countries. Slowly and steadily party ideologies are losing grounds against the market forces and are facing a premature death. Communist party may be able to survive, but the ideologies will never survive if a strong corrective action is not taken by them and the party will fall into the hands of capitalism. Communist Party has won the election, but did the Communist ideology win?  Remember, we had French Revolution and Napoleon Boneparte was the end result; power and resources never reached to the arms of poor.

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