Sunday, April 29, 2012

God must be crazy - part 2

“How can he take revenge on you, when he is inside you? Only you can take revenge on you.”

They both looked in the direction of sound.

A young  man, wearing a saffron kurtha  came and sat near him. 

“Who the hell are you ? Why did  you  overhear  our talk?I am already suffering from a facebook friend.“   Rajeev wanted to say those words, but instead he asked  
”May I know who are you? “ 

I am a stranger for you, a tourist which came here to see the beauty of nature.I accidently overhear the question ‘Hey dude, you didn’t commit suicide?’ I just got interested in your talk and was listening to you till now “ the man replied.

“You know this is not a good habit. It will cause many problems for you in future.” Dheeraj replied.

“May be. But sometimes it might help to save someone’s life.”

Both Rajeev and  Dheeraj didn’t say anything for sometime.

Finally Dheeraj broke the silence by  asking  Rajeev’s initial question again, but this time in a very  polite manner.
“ Sir, can you please tell your name? What do you want? “
There is no point in knowing my name, and I think let us come to the point which forced me  to break your conversation.Why did you think that god is cruel to you?You think that god is a bhooth in the  lamp, who comes out when you  pray and give everything that you want? ”

“No. I didn't mean that. I pray  to god everyday. I tried to visit temple whenever it was possible for me. I never did anything against his wish. But still he didn’t do anything for me. He had never tried to understand my situation and helped me. “Rajeev replied.

“Oh really? Then  tell me where is god? he / she is staying at which temple? “

“Well, according to the belief, it is said like god is omnipresent. “ Dheeraj replied for his question.

“Then tell me why you go to temple for praying  to god?” 
“So, what are you planning to say? God is not present in temple?”Rajeev , who as a little irritated by his words asked the question. 

“No, but I want to ask a question. The answer for this will give you some idea about it. Now you are speaking to me and you are looking at my face when speaking. Right? “

“Yes" Both Rajeev and Dheeraj replied together.

“Now, tell me when you go to temple, how do you pray? “

“I will stand near the idol, keep my fingers crossed ,close my eyes and pray.”

“Ok. What about you Dheeraj?” stranger asked Dheeraj.

“Same. Why? Is it a wrong way? Is it because of it god is not hearing our prayer?”

 “Ok.  That means the moment you speak with others, you speak, looking at his/her face. And the moment you talk to god, you close your eyes. Why? Are you mad to travel to temple and then, on the moment you see god infront of you, you close your eyes? ” Both Rajeev and  Dheeraj looked each other. The stranger continued
“When you talk to god, you are actually talking to yourself and that is the reason why you are closing your eyes.”

“Dude, this conversation is becoming quite interesting, you can commit suicide later, let’s talk to him for some more time.” Dheeraj got excited and he told to Rajeev.

“So what you are saying is that we are all gods? But on the other hand , religious book says god is single. Lord Krishna had said it in Gita.” Rajeev, who was not so convinced with the answer, asked the question.

"This is the problem with all of us. We will understand it partially and say that books are wrong. I will clear it with an example. Consider a glass cube or say the structure like aquarium. You place a CFL lamp inside it. Now you can see white light from all glass sides. Now you paste a transparent, blue cover  on one side, yellow on other, green on third and red on fourth side. You can see that colours from each side will be different. But when we check the source of colour, it is the same CFL lamp. Here light from cfl is like the god who is the source of light and the transparent glass sides are we all. We all shows different colours outside. But basically we all have the same light  inside . Is your doubt solved now? That is why we say God is present everywhere. But still God is single.”

“Yeah, it is clear, but I have another doubt. If god is inside us, then why are we going to temple/church/mosque?” This time it was Dheeraj who asked the question.

To be continued

Friday, April 27, 2012

God must be Crazy

“How can everybody ‘like’ such a status update? “he asked himself, but  with a happy face. His status received  25 likes and twenty comments  in ten minutes. Last day’s status had received just  2 likes only, with zero comments. In fact this is the first facebook update which he received  more than five 'likes'.If he was a girl, he might have got hundred likes for every picture and status that he put in the social networking site.
 He read his status once again. “Life is quite boring. Going to Nandi Hills .Planning to commit suicide.”
 He logged off from facebook. Switched off his mobile, took his byke and started driving.

Rajeev is a Software Engineer in Bangalore. Just like most of his friends, he was  also from a non IT background. He took his Engineering in Mechanical, but later when he got campus placement in one of the well reputed IT company, he joined there without a second thought, hoping it could change his life. Like everyone, he too enjoyed the initial honeymoon days in the company. Good computer, Good salary, DJ and party nights and so on. But once those initial days got over, he started to feel them boring. There was nothing exciting in this job. Same dumb machine, same manager and same words in appraisal meetings. He slowly started to hate himself. One morning he decided to end his life . The moment he decided it, he put the status update in facebook, which is know as his second mind.

Rajeev reached Nandi hills. He  switched on his mobile once again to know whether the number of 'likes' has got increased. Suddenly he heard a voice from behind.

“Hey dude, you didn’t commit suicide? I thought everything is over.”

He saw a stranger walking towards him. 
 ‘how could you  know that I am going to commit suicide?’ he was tempted to ask this question, but somehow he swallowed those words.

“I was about to do it. But how do you know me?”

“Rajeev, You didn't understand me!!!!  It is quite bad.I never expected such a reply from a good friend like you.How was your appraisal meeting on last week? Did it made to take this decision? ”

“Hey , how do you know all these? I am really sorry, I forgot you.”

Stranger smiled .Then he said -  “I am Dheeraj.We have talked…”

Rajeev didn’t allow him to complete.

“Hey Dheeraj  Pandey!!!!  I am sorry. I was not able to recognize you in the beginning. We had chatted for hours, but we had never seen before na. I am sorry. Please pardon me. It was really a pleasant surprise to see you .“

“Yeah, Thanks to facebook.Even  I never expected that I will meet you. Let us have a cup of tea and talk? “ Dheeraj asked.

‘Hey , how can I come with you? I want to die before sun sets.’ Rajeev said in mind, but he remained silent.

“I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry. Let us have a cup of tea . Then we will say good bye and you can go to your world.” Dheeraj said it with a smiling face. He started walking to the tea stall, which is a few metres away from the place that they are standing.

Rajeev wanted to say NO, but he started walking with him to the stall.
“Do you think that I am mad, as I am going to commit suicide?”  Rajeev asked to Dheeraj, after ordering two cups of tea.

“There is nothing like that. Everyone will have their own reasons for everything that they do. But I like to know why you felt like you should do it now. You have a good job. You have enough salary and you have everything that a common man need to live.”

“Yes, but I couldn’t enjoy the work. So …”
Their conversation broken as  a  child, who is working in the stall came with the tea. He keep it in the table infront of them and left.

“ So..?? so what?? If you ask the child who gave tea to us, he too will be sad about his life. See Rajeev, you got good education. You got good parents.You have everything that you need. Still you are crying?” Dheeraj asked back.

“Are you trying to stop me? Anyway I will not change my decision. “ Rajeev replied .

“Hey, how can you say like that? Anyway, leave it. At what time are you planning to die?“  Dheeraj smiled.

“Are you laughing in mind? God was always cruel to me. So I am taking revenge on him by doing this.”

“How can he take revenge on you, when he is inside you? Only you can take revenge on you.”

They both looked in the direction of sound.

To be continued.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

“Catch me if you can” : Bourbon Biscuits

After reading a post in Sona’s blog, I thought of buying some Bourbon biscuits . Usually I don’t try new taste. I will be happy if I get Dosa/Idly/Iddiyappam/Puttu in the morning, Kerala meals at noon and night. But last two years , infact from the day I joined Infosys, my daily routine got changed. I tasted a few new things like Battoora, Aloo Paratha,curd Rice, Lemon Rice,Tomato Rice, Pizza etc. But among them, I liked only Batoora. I tasted Aloo Paratha only once and never tried again!! I tried pizza only twice. I didn’t like that taste too. Other items , I will try only if I didn’t get meal at noon. Though I don’t like chappathi and poori,they were added to my menu as I do not have much choices left. How long can I manage with Dosa and Idly from hotels? Coming back to the topic, after seeing the post and the comments in it, I asked one of my friend about the biscuit and his reply was also similar to what Sona had written. So I decided to buy a packet of Bourbon.

The very next weekend, I had a trip to Karnataka. I had to buy a packet of biscuit as I don’t get vegetarian food from the restaurant that usually bus stops for dinner. I bought a packet of bourbon from a shop, as my dinner.But on that occasion I got vegetarian food from the same hotel !! So I decided to keep biscuit on the net basket near seat so that I could have them when I feel hungry at night. I usually do not get a good sleep when I travel in bus. This time I got a good sleep too!! Fortunately I woke up on time and I took my bag and went to door. After bus left my stop, I realized that I forgot that biscuit pack!! Thus I lost my first Bourbon pack and 25 rupees.

As I was not a bourbon fan, I forgot about biscuits for some days. After couple of weeks, when I went to that shop again, I saw bourbon on the same rack,from where I bought it two weeks back. This time I decided to buy it again as I didn’t get chance to taste it last time. Another twenty five rupee packet was bought by me. It was a Thursday. When I reached home, I kept it in kitchen, thinking that I would have them when I feel hungry. But I didn’t feel hungry and I forgot about it!! Next day, I went to home as it was Friday. (I am staying with my friends at Trivandrum) When I came back on Monday ,I could only see an empty packet on the waste basket. My friends who stayed back on weekends finished the bourbon!!! So this time also I didn’t get chance to taste it.

Last week, I had a trip to Banglore to see my cousins and to see Banglore DC. This time I remembered about bourbon and decided that I would not miss it this time. As the shop was near the bus stop at Kazhakkoottam, where the Banglore Volvo usually stop, I decided to leave 10 minutes early and buy biscuits. I reached shop, went to the spot where they usually keep the biscuits but got disappointed to see mortein coils and other mosquito repellants on the place where they used to keep biscuits. I asked a lady staff about biscuits and she took me to new place where they keep biscuits. All varieties of biscuits where there, except bourbon!!! When I asked about bourbon, after searching the rack , she went inside to take it from storage place. After two minutes she came back and told “ Sorry sir, Bourbon is out of stock“. So this time also it escaped from me!!!

The cat and mouse game between Bourbon and me is still very much on. The last thing I want to happen is me not liking the biscuit when at last I get a chance to taste it!
Till then, I am on the Bourbon hunt.
Dear Bourbon, caught, you will be, for I am the hunter.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Twist

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are imaginary. Resemblances with anyone dead or alive is purely co-incidential.

Kerala Police Headquarters :

“Dev, did you read that intelligence report? What can we do now? We must act fast. If it happens, it will be a shame for entire police department.” Officer looked tensed.

 “Sir, I had told you about the seriousness of that issue when we got initial report on last May. But everyone laughed at me then. “Dev replied, with an unemotional face.

Officer got angry on his reply. His face turned red. “Dev, this is not an excuse. You are in charge of the district. If anything happens, you will be responsible for it. “

 Dev smiled, but he didn’t reply. Both of the remained silent for sometime.
 “Sir, you don’t have to get worried. I have full faith in our team. We will solve the issue.” Finally Dev replied, breaking the silence in the room.

“But how are you planning to take action? There are five schools in that region. It is impossible to provide security for all five schools.”

 “Sir, you leave it to us and wait for a week. I am sure they will act soon and we will give reply to them. I am leaving now.” Dev saluted officer and left room.


Government High School, Wayanad(Kerala)

 A small school on the top of a beautiful hill. Most of the students in this school are from tribal groups. School has quite a good number of students, as it is the only school in that area.

 January 7, 2012.Saturday -10 a.m

Special class for tenth standard students started. A total of forty five students are present in class. Physics teacher is taking lessons fast. He want to finish chapters by the end of January, so that students will get one month for revision, before their board exams which will be on march.

Suddenly they heard an announcement from office mike. “All students are requested to assemble at school auditorium.”

It was the voice of Head master. “ Is he mad? Today only tenth standard students have class. Then why did he announce a meeting?” Teacher asked himself in mind. He continued to take portions again.

 “Sir, we need to assemble at auditorium. Principal announced it.” – Anwar, one of his students told to teacher.

“It is fine Anwar. He might have made some mistake. There is no chance for a meeting today.” Teacher replied.

“No sir, we need to go now.” Dhananjay, another student in class replied this time.

 “What happened to you all? We are not going” Teacher got angry.

“WE ARE GOING” Anwar told it, taking a gun ,which was hidden in his socks. Suddenly seven other students including Dhananjay also stood up from seat, taking their guns.They pointed their guns at students.

All other students got shocked to see it. “Everybody stand up. We are going to auditorium” Anwar ordered.

“W..w..what is happening? What are you doing Anwar? What happened to you? “ Teacher asked. His face told that he was totally afraid.

 “We told you decently to take everyone to auditorium. We are waiting for this moment. You are under our custody now.” This time, Dhananjay replied.

 “But who are you? What you want?” teacher asked with a crying face.
 “Do you remember a news on last may? Eight members in our team were arrested by police. We want them released.” Anwar replied.

 “So… You .. you are….”

 “Yes, we are from the same group. You know teacher, we eight joined together in this school on last June. We were waiting for this moment. Now we will bargain to government, keeping you people in front. They will have no choice, but to accept our demand. Special thanks to your principal, who accepted our offer and joined with us.”

 “But how can you do this to your friends? “  Sir asked.

“No, They are not going to do this.” Everyone looked to the direction of sound. ****************************************************************************************

Time : 11 a.m

All students reached auditorium. Dhananjay and three of his teammates in front, with guns in their hand, followed by students and teacher, other three teammates behind the students.Principal became happy .

“So everything went according to our plan. But where is Anwar? ” Suddenly a bullet hit on his forehead!!!

 Principal was killed. The seven member team , had no other choice, but to watch it , keeping their empty guns in their hands.!!!


(A few minutes back:)
Time : 10.30 a.m

“But how can you do this to your friends? “ Sir asked.

 “No sir, They are not going to do this.” Everyone looked to the direction of sound.

It was from Ram, their classmate.

“How sure are you that we are not going to do this? If government didn't approve our conditions, I will kill you first and throw your body to them.“ Anwar said, pointing his gun at Ram.

The moment he finished the sentence, Anwar got a shot on his chest and he died.

Others got shocked to see that they were surrounded by the servants in school.
They had hi-tech silencer guns in their hands. One of them removed his beard,which was a fake one.

It was Inspector Dev.
“You eight joined together in this class together. But you forgot one thing, Ram also joined in this school this year. He is my son. We got an intelligence report that terrorist group have planned to attack back through schools. From that time, there were muftis in all five schools in this region. Fortunately Ram had some doubt about you guys .We enquired about your past and got all information about you.From that moment, we ensured that this school is completely under our eyed by posting police as servants here. Everyone thought that they were just tribal people and gave this job. We didn’t arrest you early just because we wanted to know who else is involved in this plan. Now you can either surrender or you will get the same destiny that Anwar got. Ram, collect their guns”

 Ram collected the guns and removed bullets from it. They started to move towards auditorium.


Dev’s home

"Dad, will you get any reward for this?" Ram asked with a smiling face.

"May be. Why ?"

"Incase , if it is cash award, I need half of it. I want to buy a lap top." Ram replied

" I promise it, my dear.Even if I didn't get a cash prize, you will get a laptop, provided you score 95% in final exams. "

"Dad, this is not fair.You are bad."  They both looked at each other and smiled.

 The END

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brain Drain

He came out from café with a broken heart. Union bank also announced list of selected candidates. His name was not there.

“Son, did you get the job?” mom, who was waiting outside the café asked him.

“Mom, I think our nation doesn’t need people like me.As usual I got rejected in interview. But some of my friends who never done any hard work got the job”- Son replied with an angry and disappointed face.

”What? How did it happen?” mom asked with a surprising look.

(son) “Don’t you know the reason? Our country doesn’t need talented people. They only need people of certain castes.I think you really did a mistake. You should have born in some other reservation caste,so that I should have got a job. “

(mom) “Don’t tell like that. You will get job next time”

(son)”Aren't we the citizens of this nation? Why the government is not taking any action to protect our fundamental right of getting a job? Why there is separate rule for different classes of people? I am not going to take any more chances. For the last two years, I tried to find a job. During my college days, I told my friends that I will serve my nation and I will never leave our country. But now,as nation doesn’t need me, why should I serve this country? This country is only meant for some group of people, not for talented people.”

(mom) “What do you mean?”

(son)”I decided to accept the offer send by my friend. I am leaving to Australia next month. I wanted to work in India. But…… Now I need a job to live. So there is no point in staying here some more time, expecting a job. I am flying to a land where talent will get more support than caste.”


A conference at New Delhi.All the VVIPs are sitting there. Prime minister started his speech.
“ ………………….
It is really sad that our youth is leaving India for getting more money.We are training them in our nation.But after education they are leaving our country. We are losing our human resources. They are not realizing that our country needs them. ………………. “

The end.

Friday, April 13, 2012

21 st century

19th century :

Comman Men : Lord, Please help us.

King : What happened?

Common Men : East India Company is forcing us to give more levy to them. Please help us.

King : (remaining Silent) ….

Common Men : Lord,why are you silent?

King : I am sorry. I can’t do anything. I don’t have control over them.

Common Men : ??? So ?

King : So, give what they asked you to give.

21st century

Common men: Please help us.

Government : What happened?

Common Men : Petroleum Companies are increasing price.

Government : (remaining Silent) ….

Common Men : What happened? Why are you silent? We selected you to help us.

Government : We don’t have control over them. Sorry.

Common Men : So?

Government : So, give the price that company decided.

200 years passed. Society changed. Persons changed. But still same things are happening. Power is still with some companies . King and Government remains as puppets.