Sunday, April 29, 2012

God must be crazy - part 2

“How can he take revenge on you, when he is inside you? Only you can take revenge on you.”

They both looked in the direction of sound.

A young  man, wearing a saffron kurtha  came and sat near him. 

“Who the hell are you ? Why did  you  overhear  our talk?I am already suffering from a facebook friend.“   Rajeev wanted to say those words, but instead he asked  
”May I know who are you? “ 

I am a stranger for you, a tourist which came here to see the beauty of nature.I accidently overhear the question ‘Hey dude, you didn’t commit suicide?’ I just got interested in your talk and was listening to you till now “ the man replied.

“You know this is not a good habit. It will cause many problems for you in future.” Dheeraj replied.

“May be. But sometimes it might help to save someone’s life.”

Both Rajeev and  Dheeraj didn’t say anything for sometime.

Finally Dheeraj broke the silence by  asking  Rajeev’s initial question again, but this time in a very  polite manner.
“ Sir, can you please tell your name? What do you want? “
There is no point in knowing my name, and I think let us come to the point which forced me  to break your conversation.Why did you think that god is cruel to you?You think that god is a bhooth in the  lamp, who comes out when you  pray and give everything that you want? ”

“No. I didn't mean that. I pray  to god everyday. I tried to visit temple whenever it was possible for me. I never did anything against his wish. But still he didn’t do anything for me. He had never tried to understand my situation and helped me. “Rajeev replied.

“Oh really? Then  tell me where is god? he / she is staying at which temple? “

“Well, according to the belief, it is said like god is omnipresent. “ Dheeraj replied for his question.

“Then tell me why you go to temple for praying  to god?” 
“So, what are you planning to say? God is not present in temple?”Rajeev , who as a little irritated by his words asked the question. 

“No, but I want to ask a question. The answer for this will give you some idea about it. Now you are speaking to me and you are looking at my face when speaking. Right? “

“Yes" Both Rajeev and Dheeraj replied together.

“Now, tell me when you go to temple, how do you pray? “

“I will stand near the idol, keep my fingers crossed ,close my eyes and pray.”

“Ok. What about you Dheeraj?” stranger asked Dheeraj.

“Same. Why? Is it a wrong way? Is it because of it god is not hearing our prayer?”

 “Ok.  That means the moment you speak with others, you speak, looking at his/her face. And the moment you talk to god, you close your eyes. Why? Are you mad to travel to temple and then, on the moment you see god infront of you, you close your eyes? ” Both Rajeev and  Dheeraj looked each other. The stranger continued
“When you talk to god, you are actually talking to yourself and that is the reason why you are closing your eyes.”

“Dude, this conversation is becoming quite interesting, you can commit suicide later, let’s talk to him for some more time.” Dheeraj got excited and he told to Rajeev.

“So what you are saying is that we are all gods? But on the other hand , religious book says god is single. Lord Krishna had said it in Gita.” Rajeev, who was not so convinced with the answer, asked the question.

"This is the problem with all of us. We will understand it partially and say that books are wrong. I will clear it with an example. Consider a glass cube or say the structure like aquarium. You place a CFL lamp inside it. Now you can see white light from all glass sides. Now you paste a transparent, blue cover  on one side, yellow on other, green on third and red on fourth side. You can see that colours from each side will be different. But when we check the source of colour, it is the same CFL lamp. Here light from cfl is like the god who is the source of light and the transparent glass sides are we all. We all shows different colours outside. But basically we all have the same light  inside . Is your doubt solved now? That is why we say God is present everywhere. But still God is single.”

“Yeah, it is clear, but I have another doubt. If god is inside us, then why are we going to temple/church/mosque?” This time it was Dheeraj who asked the question.

To be continued

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