Monday, April 16, 2012

Brain Drain

He came out from café with a broken heart. Union bank also announced list of selected candidates. His name was not there.

“Son, did you get the job?” mom, who was waiting outside the café asked him.

“Mom, I think our nation doesn’t need people like me.As usual I got rejected in interview. But some of my friends who never done any hard work got the job”- Son replied with an angry and disappointed face.

”What? How did it happen?” mom asked with a surprising look.

(son) “Don’t you know the reason? Our country doesn’t need talented people. They only need people of certain castes.I think you really did a mistake. You should have born in some other reservation caste,so that I should have got a job. “

(mom) “Don’t tell like that. You will get job next time”

(son)”Aren't we the citizens of this nation? Why the government is not taking any action to protect our fundamental right of getting a job? Why there is separate rule for different classes of people? I am not going to take any more chances. For the last two years, I tried to find a job. During my college days, I told my friends that I will serve my nation and I will never leave our country. But now,as nation doesn’t need me, why should I serve this country? This country is only meant for some group of people, not for talented people.”

(mom) “What do you mean?”

(son)”I decided to accept the offer send by my friend. I am leaving to Australia next month. I wanted to work in India. But…… Now I need a job to live. So there is no point in staying here some more time, expecting a job. I am flying to a land where talent will get more support than caste.”


A conference at New Delhi.All the VVIPs are sitting there. Prime minister started his speech.
“ ………………….
It is really sad that our youth is leaving India for getting more money.We are training them in our nation.But after education they are leaving our country. We are losing our human resources. They are not realizing that our country needs them. ………………. “

The end.


  1. Good post...

    // I am flying to a land where talent will get more support than caste.
    // They are not realizing that our country needs them. ………

    Actually happens to some ppl..

    1. Thank you Neha.. Yeah, it happens to some people.. ultimately our country is losing.. :(

  2. Our country has nothing to loose!! not even talented ppl!!