Friday, April 13, 2012

21 st century

19th century :

Comman Men : Lord, Please help us.

King : What happened?

Common Men : East India Company is forcing us to give more levy to them. Please help us.

King : (remaining Silent) ….

Common Men : Lord,why are you silent?

King : I am sorry. I can’t do anything. I don’t have control over them.

Common Men : ??? So ?

King : So, give what they asked you to give.

21st century

Common men: Please help us.

Government : What happened?

Common Men : Petroleum Companies are increasing price.

Government : (remaining Silent) ….

Common Men : What happened? Why are you silent? We selected you to help us.

Government : We don’t have control over them. Sorry.

Common Men : So?

Government : So, give the price that company decided.

200 years passed. Society changed. Persons changed. But still same things are happening. Power is still with some companies . King and Government remains as puppets.