Friday, April 27, 2012

God must be Crazy

“How can everybody ‘like’ such a status update? “he asked himself, but  with a happy face. His status received  25 likes and twenty comments  in ten minutes. Last day’s status had received just  2 likes only, with zero comments. In fact this is the first facebook update which he received  more than five 'likes'.If he was a girl, he might have got hundred likes for every picture and status that he put in the social networking site.
 He read his status once again. “Life is quite boring. Going to Nandi Hills .Planning to commit suicide.”
 He logged off from facebook. Switched off his mobile, took his byke and started driving.

Rajeev is a Software Engineer in Bangalore. Just like most of his friends, he was  also from a non IT background. He took his Engineering in Mechanical, but later when he got campus placement in one of the well reputed IT company, he joined there without a second thought, hoping it could change his life. Like everyone, he too enjoyed the initial honeymoon days in the company. Good computer, Good salary, DJ and party nights and so on. But once those initial days got over, he started to feel them boring. There was nothing exciting in this job. Same dumb machine, same manager and same words in appraisal meetings. He slowly started to hate himself. One morning he decided to end his life . The moment he decided it, he put the status update in facebook, which is know as his second mind.

Rajeev reached Nandi hills. He  switched on his mobile once again to know whether the number of 'likes' has got increased. Suddenly he heard a voice from behind.

“Hey dude, you didn’t commit suicide? I thought everything is over.”

He saw a stranger walking towards him. 
 ‘how could you  know that I am going to commit suicide?’ he was tempted to ask this question, but somehow he swallowed those words.

“I was about to do it. But how do you know me?”

“Rajeev, You didn't understand me!!!!  It is quite bad.I never expected such a reply from a good friend like you.How was your appraisal meeting on last week? Did it made to take this decision? ”

“Hey , how do you know all these? I am really sorry, I forgot you.”

Stranger smiled .Then he said -  “I am Dheeraj.We have talked…”

Rajeev didn’t allow him to complete.

“Hey Dheeraj  Pandey!!!!  I am sorry. I was not able to recognize you in the beginning. We had chatted for hours, but we had never seen before na. I am sorry. Please pardon me. It was really a pleasant surprise to see you .“

“Yeah, Thanks to facebook.Even  I never expected that I will meet you. Let us have a cup of tea and talk? “ Dheeraj asked.

‘Hey , how can I come with you? I want to die before sun sets.’ Rajeev said in mind, but he remained silent.

“I know what you are thinking. Don’t worry. Let us have a cup of tea . Then we will say good bye and you can go to your world.” Dheeraj said it with a smiling face. He started walking to the tea stall, which is a few metres away from the place that they are standing.

Rajeev wanted to say NO, but he started walking with him to the stall.
“Do you think that I am mad, as I am going to commit suicide?”  Rajeev asked to Dheeraj, after ordering two cups of tea.

“There is nothing like that. Everyone will have their own reasons for everything that they do. But I like to know why you felt like you should do it now. You have a good job. You have enough salary and you have everything that a common man need to live.”

“Yes, but I couldn’t enjoy the work. So …”
Their conversation broken as  a  child, who is working in the stall came with the tea. He keep it in the table infront of them and left.

“ So..?? so what?? If you ask the child who gave tea to us, he too will be sad about his life. See Rajeev, you got good education. You got good parents.You have everything that you need. Still you are crying?” Dheeraj asked back.

“Are you trying to stop me? Anyway I will not change my decision. “ Rajeev replied .

“Hey, how can you say like that? Anyway, leave it. At what time are you planning to die?“  Dheeraj smiled.

“Are you laughing in mind? God was always cruel to me. So I am taking revenge on him by doing this.”

“How can he take revenge on you, when he is inside you? Only you can take revenge on you.”

They both looked in the direction of sound.

To be continued.

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