Wednesday, January 11, 2012

one year in infosys ..

After all tsunamis, earthquakes , thunderstorms and cyclones , I came out from GEC ...
Am I alive?? Yes I am...
Did anything happend to me, I dont knw...
Who created the Idea of Devsquare?? Will I be able to see him one day?? My friend who was sitting near me fainted twice while attending exams ... but the strange thing was she passed those exams and the persons sitting on either side of her did't !!!!
There was a time that i thought " What is computer?? we use it to play games, then how can it be popular??how can printf and scanf statements change this world ????"
And the same person is now fighting with devsquare .. OMG , the software is really tricky... or is it lieing??? It is always showing that I didnt pass... While I was struggling to get 65 , I saw cries for not getting A grade.. If not getting 80, tht's the End of World !!! many 'died' on fite with devsquare ,those who are alive after the fite will get the label "Infoscion"... Compre helped me and so I am also an 'Infoscion' now.....
Wht's Next?? Posting... Swapping is a very interesting process actually.. "You will get chandigarh" one of my friends from punjab 'blessed' me...
Where is my home?? Kochi
Which is nearest DC?? Trivandrum
Where I will get ?? Chandigarh .. Oh man.. this is bad..
But fortunatly his blessing didnt come true... I got trivandrum and he got hyderbad !!! Infosys is really nice ...
After reaching trivandrum I thought everything is fine , as I 'mastered' java at mysore.... But by the end of 2nd week I accepted the fact that what I learned in mysore have nothing much to do here...
Got another training posted into a project.... And after that, nothing much to update...
You got project?? yes... then work...
current project ... XYZ...
Is that billable?? YES
What are u doing in it?? God knowz....
Now I remember the song which I heard for the first time when I entered induction hall in Mysore..
"This is my infy......"

Thus my first year in infosys is over... Its really nice to see Exp : 1 year in sparsh .. which started as 0.0 on the first day...
Do I really gain many things in last one year?? yes,life has really changed ... first job is always special... and that in one of the biggest IT company...
Hope I can write 2 nd year in infosys on jan 11,2012......

September 13, 2008

September 13 , 2008 was a shocking day in my life. I am quite sure that no one remember the importance of this date, though everyone know September 11 . Why is it like that? We do remember attack in America. But no one remembers attacks in India. If you still don’t remember, just check this- Delhi bombings 2008

I know many will be thinking what is the importance of this blast. Yeah this is just a blast like many other. But why it is important to me is just because it was a narrow escape for me. We(my parents and me) went to a family friend’s home at Delhi to celebrate Onam holidays. I was on the way to Palika bazaar when the blast happened at Connaught Place. Due to traffic jam(which is an inevitable part of Indian Traffic) ,I was a bit late to reach there. And because of that I am here to write this on our blog. When the sound was heard, Uncle told us that it might be some cracker. I was not even 500 metres way from the place where it happened.But,when people started running from the place, we understood that something went wrong.But we didn’t understand what really happened .(Though bomb attacks are common, it didn’t come to my mind then) . But our media were very fast that within 5 minutes I got first call from my friend asking whether I am alive. I replied him that I am very much alive and why he asked that. And now you can imagine what was his reply and how I responded. We just turned our car. By the time we reached uncle’s home, situation became much serious. Five blasts at five corners of Delhi at same time. It was real shock for me. For the first time in my life , I understood the real meaning of terrorism. I was really disappointed when I saw the response of our ministers. By the time I came back to kerala, ‘Indian Mujahideen’ had taken the ‘credit’ for killing many innocent people.

This is just one bomblast that happened in India. Most of us have forgotten it. Even government officials may not be remembering this. But just think of the families who lost their dear ones , who didn’t do any mistake in their life. Are we giving justice to them. Government is still studying how to face terrorism. How many more attacks are needed for completing studies?

This is one of the incidents that turned me from an Anti – Communist to an Anti – Congress person. When BJP government passed Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act(POTA) in 2002, I was very much disappointed. I felt like food, shelter ,cloth, education and Job are primary concerns. Why they are giving so much focus on terrorism. But now I feel like they were correct . We have rice. We have Job. But what can we do if we have no head to eat food? Things will be much worse if you have head, but you lost hands and legs on blast. You will have to live on earth ,but no one including Government of India will remember you. More than 15 blasts on various cities on one Nation in a period of 6 years. More than 1000 people died. Still government is studying how to attack back. By the time they learn , their will not be any Indians left.

India is turning out to be a good ‘tourist place’ for terrorists. Mumbai, Delhi,Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Banglore, Hyderabad,Varanasi, Jaipur,Lucknow and many other places. Terrorists can have a nice visit and go back safely to their home town. They can use a variety of experiments like suitcase bomb, mobile bomb, pipe bomb etc. Common people are ready to accept it. When you are really bored with these bomb attacks on common people, special packages are provided for them like parliament attack,attacking five star hotels and Suburban Railway (Mumbai attack ) etc. If you are bored living in hometown, our government will provide nice and secure places to live. Just look afzal guru and ajmal kasab. How safe they are in our land. No one will kill then even after the final verdict from court. They may not be safe like this even in their home. Stay happily as long as they want. When they feel bored of life in our jails too, our government still have solution. All they have to do is to ask friends to hijack a plane (kandahar hijack). Our Government is waiting for someone to do it so that they can let them free.

I have only one request now.

Respected Government,
You are doing great things to us. You are giving job to many using job guarantee bill, you are giving rice to us for rs 2 per kg. But who will eat this if no one is alive? I am not requesting for a Z+ category security to all. But just a small assurance that if I go to market or if I walk through our streets, I can come back to my home with all my body parts at proper places and I am not inside a coffin. I am just a citizen who pay tax in front of you. But I am also a son/daughter of my parents,husband/wife for my partner and father/mother for my children. We are quite sure that if we die in blast, no one is going to help our family. So we request you to give as our ‘RIGHT TO LIVE’.

PS : I wrote this on September 1st and was waiting for September 13th to post . But similar blast happened again in Delhi on September 7.Series Blast on September 13 2008, Bomb Blast on September 27 ,2008 and now on September 7. All the bomb attacks in Delhi are happening in September.Hope government will increase the security in Delhi atleast on the month of september.

Are we monkeys?

Most of us know the story of 'The Capseller and monkeys' . When I heard the story for first time, I really felt sorry for monkeys as they did't have the ability to understand capseller's mind. What make humans different from monkeys apart from physical appearance? I think it is our brain that make us different. We have the ability to think. When capseller threw cap at monkeys, they just imitated him without thinking.But,I think we are also moving in the same track now….can we use direction in place of track?

The tendency to imitate others is increasing today. Advertisements in channels are exploiting this very well. One change that happened in last 10 years is in hairstyle. Now we can even see Taj mahal and Qutab Minar on heads. But we call it 'spikes'. When I asked one friend the reason for the new style, he replied that it is Kohli's(virat Kohli-Cricketer) new hair style. Whenever I see guys with 'spikes' , I remember an old serial. As far as I know, the first Indian to put this hair style is 'Kroor Singh' in 'Chandrakantha'. Those who had seen that serial will always remember his hairstyle and famous 'Yakkuuuuu'.... I think even his hairstyle was better than my friend's. Also, beautiful natural hair style of girls is replaced by 'straight' hairs. If that adds beauty , it is accepted. But in 90% cases, result is just the opposite…… God have created us with enough beauty. Why we are not accepting it as such? Are we simply copying actions of others without thinking? If yes, what is the difference between monkeys and us? Things are getting worse as people have started to copy film stars like Imran hashmi and Mallika Sherawat also.

Another change in last few decades is in our dressing style. Even after 400 years of ruling, British were never successful in changing our culture. But today, situations are changing. A 3 kg jeans with 2 inch thickness may be good for a person in Europe where the temperature is between 0-20 degree.Tie also will help them to escape from cold climate. But I don't know what is it's use in a country with temperature around 38-45 degrees. The surprising success story of dress again made me ask the question, are we blindly following ads without thinking? If yes, What is the difference between monkeys and us?

Another change is in food style.Instead of Dosa/roti, now PepsiCo, jubiliant foods etc will decide our menu. Touching food with hand is replaced with spoon as some other people do so. I don't want to comment more on it ,as it will be against Infosys policies. :)

Earlier only children had the tendency to imitate others. But now, everyone is influenced by advertisements and movies. Tendency to imitate others may be inborn in humans. But the ability to hide it and creating own personality made us different. But today, things are changing. If situation goes like this , what will be the difference between monkeys and us?

Techno mania

I guess this will be a little boring topic as we have been listening to it from quite a long time now.
But still , I want to say an incident.

Last week I had been to my native place. As usual, I chose railway as mode of transport. In train I sat in a corner with 5 other college students sitting beside me.
Person 1 : listening to music in his mobile
Person 2 : playing some games in his mobile.
Person 3 : calling someone from his mobile.
person 4 : typical 21st century teenager , who was almost digging into his mobile. I guess he was checking fb/googling something.
Person 5 : always taking phone from pocket, looking at phone, smiling and typing something, sending , keeping the phone back in his pocket and sitting as if he has not even seen a mobile.
They didn’t even open their mouth once.
All the five were continuing the same till the last station. When the train reached destination, one of those guys told to others : "lets go back to hostel together on sunday evening,same train.". Only then did I realize that they were all classmates! Throughout the journey none of them even looked each other.

There was a time when people smiled at each other, shared ideas, talked and discussed!But today, mouth is replaced by keyboards. Today,if a guy fall in love, the first thing he might do, could be to update his status on FB saying ‘She stole my heart’ or the like.You could see a 50 likes and 150 comments below that, while the girl might still be unaware of this. I seriously doubt is this a love or some mental problem. People have even started to tweet "committing suicide" before doing it. Surprisingly, it will be 'liked' by close friends even.

Hostels are another place where we can see the changes. There was a period when everybody sat together after dinner and had their chit chats, silly fights, debates and discussions. But now things are changing.Groups are replaced by individuals with mobile phones. All will be at different corners with their own 'personal' matters.
I think " I miss you" should be told only to mobiles. Todays kids are ready to live even without parents, provided they have an ipad.

Shouldn’t technology be used where it is really needed? Should it be allowed to conquer our personal lives too?? I really wonder!!

21st century

10000 BC - 1000 AD

King : Did we conquer that place?
Minister : Yes
King : Ok. Take the people from there as our slaves. we need them to work for us in our place.
Minister : Ok

people would be taken with them to work for the king in his land.
People cried. But they had no other choice, they worked for the king.

1600 AD -1900 AD

Lord : Are you ready to accept the power of British Kingdom?
Land lord: Yes, we are always loyal to you , Lord.
Lord : I need 10000 workers to work in my estate in Carribean Islands.Can you give them?
Land lord: Sure Lord. I will do it for you.

Next day 10000 people in their place was shipped to work for Lord in his estate.
People were worried,but it was ok for them as they were not really 'slaves'.

21st century

Client :Did you complete the work?
Company :Sir, a few more work.
Client : When will you finish it and release it to production?
Company : We will complete it soon.Our employees are working on it.
Client : Ok ,finish and sent them to my place , we have to test it there.

Next day a team of software engineers were send onsite to work for the client.
This time people are happy. They were waiting for this moment.

Society changed. Persons changed.. But the same things are happening in a new way...

Mullaperiyar Dam

"Many of the wars of the 20th century were about oil, but wars of the 21st century will be over water" . I came across this line first when I was in 10th stardard. I don’t remember from where I read this line, but it remains etched in me. It was difficult for a 15 year old student to think how could water cause a war. But today, when I see the quarrels happening across the world,I fear,whether these words will turn true.

"Mullaperiyar" is a word that everyone might have heard in last two weeks. For those outside Kerala and TamilNadu, it might be nothing more than a silly fight,just a small colomn in newspaper to waste a part of paper. But for us- Tamilians and Malayalees , it is something beyond that.

On 29th October 1886, an agreement for 999 years was made between Maharaja of Travancore, Vishakham Thirunal and State Secretary of Madras State (under British rule). It was the agreement, to build a dam, was one that changed the life of thousands of people in Tamil Nadu.Thus a dam was build in the territory of Kerala and it came under the control of British rule. This control later went to Tamil Nadu Government. But I am not going into the history of Dam as it will be too boring.

The Dam constructed by John Pennycuick in 1895, still gives water to more than four districts in Tamil Nadu- Theni, Madurai,Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram.The life of people in this region depends a lot on water from Mullaperiyar.There was no doubt that the agreement helped Tamil Nadu a lot. Mullaperiyar Dam was really a bliss for them. Today, is that dam and the agreement turning against them? Yes, I really mean it is turning against them. Let us see how it happens.

When the dam was constructed in 1895, even Pennycuick might not have dreamed like the dam standing for more than a century.The average age of Gravity Dams are 50-80 years. But yes, there are many dams that are still fine and are in good condition. It is the point that Tamil Nadu is raising now.But here we fail to notice a point. All the gravity dams that have passed the test of time, are not more than 20 meters high. But Mullapperiyar is 53 metres high. And one can easily imagine what might be the 'technology' used in those days.

IIT Delhi has already studied the construction of dam and have given the report that dam is weak. IIT Roorkie have also studied dam and have reported that dam cannot withstand an earthquake of 6.5 on ritcher scale.( click here to see the news).
Situations are becoming more serious as the earthquakes are happening in Idukki. Kerala reported like 26 earthquakes were reported at Idukki, near Mullaperiyar Dam in last few months.
Tamil Nadu, in reply told that only five earthquakes have happened. Whatever the count be, luckily none of them have reached 6.5 . One earthquake of 6.5 in ritcher scale is enough to 'you-know-what-it-will-be'

Now let us check the next part of the controversy.
Kerala : If the Mullaperiyar Dam breaks, it will flow to Idukki and break Idukki Dams. The Idukki Hydro Electric Project is based on three dams – Idukki, Cheruthoni and Kulamavu. No scientific agency has confirmed the Dam trio can withstand the thrust of the water from Mullapperiyar plus the mud, rocks and ruins. As a result of these dams’ possible collapse entire Central Kerala, including Kochi will be washed away.

Tamil Nadu : Even if dam breaks, Idukki Dam have the strength to withstand the pressure of extra water coming from mullaperiyar. So it will not be a problem.
One point is common in both statements- if the dam breaks, water will reach Idukki. . A stretch of 36 km -Mullaperiyar to Idukki. It is estimated that 450 families are residing on the banks of this stretch. Almost 70000 people will be affected by the flood in this region. Now, what about the life of people there? Aren't they humans? People in Vallakkadavu, Vandiperiyar, Keerikkara, Mlamala, Chappath, Upputhura, AyyappanKovil, Erattayar etc will be drowned. And a thing to be noted is 30-40% of the people there are Tamilians who are working in Tea/coffee estates. Water coming from dam will not check whether the person is Malayalee or Tamilian before killing. Both Government should think this before taking a decision. (In case if Idukki Dam also fails, I have no more points to say. I will not be alive to post any more blogs. See you all in heaven!)

Now let us assume that Dam is strong. But for how long it can stand? It is like we are saying that a 90 year old man is strong now and he can live another 50 more years. On one morning in 2015 or 2016 , if Tamil Nadu finds dam is not in a good situation we can't do anything. It may take another four -five years to construct a new dam. How can we prevent the disaster till then? There is no point in blaming each other at that moment. Even if the dam is strong, what is wrong in constructing a new dam if that is the only solution to bring peace in mind of people. Today, whole Kerala is waiting for a 'YES' from Tamil Nadu is start the construction of Dam. Kerala will construct it using the state’s money and will give water from new Dam to Tamil Nadu. Of course there are many tensions for Tamil Nadu, whether they get water and all.Tamil Nadu farmers have shown their doubt. But Kerala Government have made it clear that after constructing new dam, Kerala will give 100% water to Tamil Nadu. Kerala chief Minister has assured it already. We need to take a decision on this soon.

If new dam is not constructed, and if old dam fails, there will not be a new dam constructed again. It will result in a big regional fight. Tamil Nadu will not give vegetables to Kerala while people in five districts of Tamil Nadu will also be the victims of Dam failure. Definitely not by flood, the other way. While the western side of the border face calamities due to flood and its aftermaths the eastern valley of TN will be slowly drying up killing its vegetation, cultivation, animals and people. Any shortage of water supply will affect power generation from Lower Camp powerhouse and then the irrigation using this water. The people in TN are made to believe by that constructing a new dam in Mullapperiyar won’t supply them the water, but this will be what definitely happen on failure of the existing leaky water wall. TN oppose reducing the water level below 120 feet pointing that supply will be down; now what will happen if there is no reservoir at all? People in those districts will have to turn their time machine a 100 years back and will have to restart their life. Wonder if there is at least a politician, aam admi, citizen, student, scholar, teacher, labourer, govt. servant, farmer or anybody with an open eye to accept the fact as it is and understand the situation with common sense on a potential disaster? I will be just one of the victims. There are thousands of children in the aforesaid villages in Idukki who are not ready to go to school; there are thousands of mothers spending sleepless nights at their home, anticipating the roar of a rushing water wall.Let me stop here at this point, whatever the arguments be, both the states are going to suffer.

The story of Victoria Dam will be the best example to explain it. Victoria Dam was constructed in 1891 four years before Mullaperiyar dam, constructed with the same technology. But when they found that it is weak, they have demolished it(in 1990) and constructed a new one . It is the time to stop the ego.We have to stop talking and begin to act now. Else, it might end up in something similar to what happened in China in 1931. A flood in Yellow river, caused by the breaking of ice dams formed in Mangolia had killed almost 4 million people . Let us believe that Mullaperiyar dam is strong and it will not fail, but still, prevention is always better than cure.

References :
Mathrubhumi news paper

P.S : Thanks to Rubesh for sparking this idea and Rajmon for helping me.

A Random Thought

This post is inspired from A day without Cell phone by neha_rastogi02 in Infosys blogs.
I would like to share 2 examples .

Example 1 :

Scene 1 : After an Onam Vacation
Location : My home at Mavelikkara.
Year : 1977

Son : ok amma. I am leaving.
Mother : Son, please don't forget to send letter when you reach there.
Son : I will send the letter.
Father : Son, we have to leave now.Already it is late. Bus is at 6.30.
Brother: I am also coming to busstand.
Son : Bye amma. Will send letter when I reach my hostel.I will come for Christmas Vacation.

They walked 3 km to reach the bus stand.Son left to college at Malappuram (8 hours journey) . He reached there on monday morning,bunked morning class to go to post office to buy inland from post office, which is at a distance of 3 km from college. He attended afternoon class.Wrote the letter at monday night and posted it on Tuesday morning. The letter reached on Friday morning. Everyone at home were happy to see the letter. They replied a letter in reply to the letter send by son. The letter was received at Tuesday/Wednesday. Thus a medium of communication was a 10 day process.

Scene 2 : After an Onam Vacation
Location: My home at Kochi
Year : 2007

Son : Ok amma, I am leaving to hostel now.
Mother: take care son. Call me when you reach there.
Son : ok amma.
Father: I will take you to railway station.
Mother:Do call me after reaching there.
Son : Sure amma. It just 2 hour journey only na. I will be fine.

Father took son to railway station by CAR and son left to college at Changanassery in Kottayam(2 hours journey). Before reaching Kottayam 100 phonecalls asking "Where you reached? " . Atlast the son scolded "I am not a kid , I know the station and I will reach there safe." Mother replied : " But still you are a kid for me."
Son in case 1 is my Father and Son in case 2 is Me. It is sure that I too will reach my hostel safe, but why my mother have no confidence in me ? This is called 'mobile effect'. Though she has confidence, the technology is not allowing her to sit happily at home.Mobiles have positives, we can contact anytime when we need. But why we are getting adict to it? I am quite sure that this will be the situation of most of us. Even a 5 min delay in call can cause heart attack to parents or it can cause a doubt in girlfriend/boyfriend's mind whether the partner is chatting with some other person.

Example 2
Year : 1984
My parents got engaged. Father was working in Kochi and Mother was a P G student at University College , Trivandrum.
Instead of telephone numbers they just gave a photo to eachother. Once in a week they send letter.Today, we can call them as love letters. Even now, my parents have those pictures with them,that they gave each other on engagement day. They keep it in an album. Those pictures are very much precious for them.
I guess the situation is same for most of our parents. But how many of us , I mean how many in our generation will save our memories?(I am not mentioning about a marriage album).Also, I think I belong to a society who are not lucky enough to write love letters in our life.

Today when the couples leave,they will tell 'I miss you'. It is sure that they will call from 11 pm - 4 am and meet the same person the very next day or atleast once in a week or will see his/her face atleast in webcam. So what exactly is the meaning of the word 'missing' ? I feel the missing they felt in those days should be called as 'missing' .