Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Random Thought

This post is inspired from A day without Cell phone by neha_rastogi02 in Infosys blogs.
I would like to share 2 examples .

Example 1 :

Scene 1 : After an Onam Vacation
Location : My home at Mavelikkara.
Year : 1977

Son : ok amma. I am leaving.
Mother : Son, please don't forget to send letter when you reach there.
Son : I will send the letter.
Father : Son, we have to leave now.Already it is late. Bus is at 6.30.
Brother: I am also coming to busstand.
Son : Bye amma. Will send letter when I reach my hostel.I will come for Christmas Vacation.

They walked 3 km to reach the bus stand.Son left to college at Malappuram (8 hours journey) . He reached there on monday morning,bunked morning class to go to post office to buy inland from post office, which is at a distance of 3 km from college. He attended afternoon class.Wrote the letter at monday night and posted it on Tuesday morning. The letter reached on Friday morning. Everyone at home were happy to see the letter. They replied a letter in reply to the letter send by son. The letter was received at Tuesday/Wednesday. Thus a medium of communication was a 10 day process.

Scene 2 : After an Onam Vacation
Location: My home at Kochi
Year : 2007

Son : Ok amma, I am leaving to hostel now.
Mother: take care son. Call me when you reach there.
Son : ok amma.
Father: I will take you to railway station.
Mother:Do call me after reaching there.
Son : Sure amma. It just 2 hour journey only na. I will be fine.

Father took son to railway station by CAR and son left to college at Changanassery in Kottayam(2 hours journey). Before reaching Kottayam 100 phonecalls asking "Where you reached? " . Atlast the son scolded "I am not a kid , I know the station and I will reach there safe." Mother replied : " But still you are a kid for me."
Son in case 1 is my Father and Son in case 2 is Me. It is sure that I too will reach my hostel safe, but why my mother have no confidence in me ? This is called 'mobile effect'. Though she has confidence, the technology is not allowing her to sit happily at home.Mobiles have positives, we can contact anytime when we need. But why we are getting adict to it? I am quite sure that this will be the situation of most of us. Even a 5 min delay in call can cause heart attack to parents or it can cause a doubt in girlfriend/boyfriend's mind whether the partner is chatting with some other person.

Example 2
Year : 1984
My parents got engaged. Father was working in Kochi and Mother was a P G student at University College , Trivandrum.
Instead of telephone numbers they just gave a photo to eachother. Once in a week they send letter.Today, we can call them as love letters. Even now, my parents have those pictures with them,that they gave each other on engagement day. They keep it in an album. Those pictures are very much precious for them.
I guess the situation is same for most of our parents. But how many of us , I mean how many in our generation will save our memories?(I am not mentioning about a marriage album).Also, I think I belong to a society who are not lucky enough to write love letters in our life.

Today when the couples leave,they will tell 'I miss you'. It is sure that they will call from 11 pm - 4 am and meet the same person the very next day or atleast once in a week or will see his/her face atleast in webcam. So what exactly is the meaning of the word 'missing' ? I feel the missing they felt in those days should be called as 'missing' .

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