Wednesday, January 11, 2012

21st century

10000 BC - 1000 AD

King : Did we conquer that place?
Minister : Yes
King : Ok. Take the people from there as our slaves. we need them to work for us in our place.
Minister : Ok

people would be taken with them to work for the king in his land.
People cried. But they had no other choice, they worked for the king.

1600 AD -1900 AD

Lord : Are you ready to accept the power of British Kingdom?
Land lord: Yes, we are always loyal to you , Lord.
Lord : I need 10000 workers to work in my estate in Carribean Islands.Can you give them?
Land lord: Sure Lord. I will do it for you.

Next day 10000 people in their place was shipped to work for Lord in his estate.
People were worried,but it was ok for them as they were not really 'slaves'.

21st century

Client :Did you complete the work?
Company :Sir, a few more work.
Client : When will you finish it and release it to production?
Company : We will complete it soon.Our employees are working on it.
Client : Ok ,finish and sent them to my place , we have to test it there.

Next day a team of software engineers were send onsite to work for the client.
This time people are happy. They were waiting for this moment.

Society changed. Persons changed.. But the same things are happening in a new way...

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