Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Techno mania

I guess this will be a little boring topic as we have been listening to it from quite a long time now.
But still , I want to say an incident.

Last week I had been to my native place. As usual, I chose railway as mode of transport. In train I sat in a corner with 5 other college students sitting beside me.
Person 1 : listening to music in his mobile
Person 2 : playing some games in his mobile.
Person 3 : calling someone from his mobile.
person 4 : typical 21st century teenager , who was almost digging into his mobile. I guess he was checking fb/googling something.
Person 5 : always taking phone from pocket, looking at phone, smiling and typing something, sending , keeping the phone back in his pocket and sitting as if he has not even seen a mobile.
They didn’t even open their mouth once.
All the five were continuing the same till the last station. When the train reached destination, one of those guys told to others : "lets go back to hostel together on sunday evening,same train.". Only then did I realize that they were all classmates! Throughout the journey none of them even looked each other.

There was a time when people smiled at each other, shared ideas, talked and discussed!But today, mouth is replaced by keyboards. Today,if a guy fall in love, the first thing he might do, could be to update his status on FB saying ‘She stole my heart’ or the like.You could see a 50 likes and 150 comments below that, while the girl might still be unaware of this. I seriously doubt is this a love or some mental problem. People have even started to tweet "committing suicide" before doing it. Surprisingly, it will be 'liked' by close friends even.

Hostels are another place where we can see the changes. There was a period when everybody sat together after dinner and had their chit chats, silly fights, debates and discussions. But now things are changing.Groups are replaced by individuals with mobile phones. All will be at different corners with their own 'personal' matters.
I think " I miss you" should be told only to mobiles. Todays kids are ready to live even without parents, provided they have an ipad.

Shouldn’t technology be used where it is really needed? Should it be allowed to conquer our personal lives too?? I really wonder!!

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