Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are we monkeys?

Most of us know the story of 'The Capseller and monkeys' . When I heard the story for first time, I really felt sorry for monkeys as they did't have the ability to understand capseller's mind. What make humans different from monkeys apart from physical appearance? I think it is our brain that make us different. We have the ability to think. When capseller threw cap at monkeys, they just imitated him without thinking.But,I think we are also moving in the same track now….can we use direction in place of track?

The tendency to imitate others is increasing today. Advertisements in channels are exploiting this very well. One change that happened in last 10 years is in hairstyle. Now we can even see Taj mahal and Qutab Minar on heads. But we call it 'spikes'. When I asked one friend the reason for the new style, he replied that it is Kohli's(virat Kohli-Cricketer) new hair style. Whenever I see guys with 'spikes' , I remember an old serial. As far as I know, the first Indian to put this hair style is 'Kroor Singh' in 'Chandrakantha'. Those who had seen that serial will always remember his hairstyle and famous 'Yakkuuuuu'.... I think even his hairstyle was better than my friend's. Also, beautiful natural hair style of girls is replaced by 'straight' hairs. If that adds beauty , it is accepted. But in 90% cases, result is just the opposite…… God have created us with enough beauty. Why we are not accepting it as such? Are we simply copying actions of others without thinking? If yes, what is the difference between monkeys and us? Things are getting worse as people have started to copy film stars like Imran hashmi and Mallika Sherawat also.

Another change in last few decades is in our dressing style. Even after 400 years of ruling, British were never successful in changing our culture. But today, situations are changing. A 3 kg jeans with 2 inch thickness may be good for a person in Europe where the temperature is between 0-20 degree.Tie also will help them to escape from cold climate. But I don't know what is it's use in a country with temperature around 38-45 degrees. The surprising success story of dress again made me ask the question, are we blindly following ads without thinking? If yes, What is the difference between monkeys and us?

Another change is in food style.Instead of Dosa/roti, now PepsiCo, jubiliant foods etc will decide our menu. Touching food with hand is replaced with spoon as some other people do so. I don't want to comment more on it ,as it will be against Infosys policies. :)

Earlier only children had the tendency to imitate others. But now, everyone is influenced by advertisements and movies. Tendency to imitate others may be inborn in humans. But the ability to hide it and creating own personality made us different. But today, things are changing. If situation goes like this , what will be the difference between monkeys and us?

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