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September 13, 2008

September 13 , 2008 was a shocking day in my life. I am quite sure that no one remember the importance of this date, though everyone know September 11 . Why is it like that? We do remember attack in America. But no one remembers attacks in India. If you still don’t remember, just check this- Delhi bombings 2008

I know many will be thinking what is the importance of this blast. Yeah this is just a blast like many other. But why it is important to me is just because it was a narrow escape for me. We(my parents and me) went to a family friend’s home at Delhi to celebrate Onam holidays. I was on the way to Palika bazaar when the blast happened at Connaught Place. Due to traffic jam(which is an inevitable part of Indian Traffic) ,I was a bit late to reach there. And because of that I am here to write this on our blog. When the sound was heard, Uncle told us that it might be some cracker. I was not even 500 metres way from the place where it happened.But,when people started running from the place, we understood that something went wrong.But we didn’t understand what really happened .(Though bomb attacks are common, it didn’t come to my mind then) . But our media were very fast that within 5 minutes I got first call from my friend asking whether I am alive. I replied him that I am very much alive and why he asked that. And now you can imagine what was his reply and how I responded. We just turned our car. By the time we reached uncle’s home, situation became much serious. Five blasts at five corners of Delhi at same time. It was real shock for me. For the first time in my life , I understood the real meaning of terrorism. I was really disappointed when I saw the response of our ministers. By the time I came back to kerala, ‘Indian Mujahideen’ had taken the ‘credit’ for killing many innocent people.

This is just one bomblast that happened in India. Most of us have forgotten it. Even government officials may not be remembering this. But just think of the families who lost their dear ones , who didn’t do any mistake in their life. Are we giving justice to them. Government is still studying how to face terrorism. How many more attacks are needed for completing studies?

This is one of the incidents that turned me from an Anti – Communist to an Anti – Congress person. When BJP government passed Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act(POTA) in 2002, I was very much disappointed. I felt like food, shelter ,cloth, education and Job are primary concerns. Why they are giving so much focus on terrorism. But now I feel like they were correct . We have rice. We have Job. But what can we do if we have no head to eat food? Things will be much worse if you have head, but you lost hands and legs on blast. You will have to live on earth ,but no one including Government of India will remember you. More than 15 blasts on various cities on one Nation in a period of 6 years. More than 1000 people died. Still government is studying how to attack back. By the time they learn , their will not be any Indians left.

India is turning out to be a good ‘tourist place’ for terrorists. Mumbai, Delhi,Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Banglore, Hyderabad,Varanasi, Jaipur,Lucknow and many other places. Terrorists can have a nice visit and go back safely to their home town. They can use a variety of experiments like suitcase bomb, mobile bomb, pipe bomb etc. Common people are ready to accept it. When you are really bored with these bomb attacks on common people, special packages are provided for them like parliament attack,attacking five star hotels and Suburban Railway (Mumbai attack ) etc. If you are bored living in hometown, our government will provide nice and secure places to live. Just look afzal guru and ajmal kasab. How safe they are in our land. No one will kill then even after the final verdict from court. They may not be safe like this even in their home. Stay happily as long as they want. When they feel bored of life in our jails too, our government still have solution. All they have to do is to ask friends to hijack a plane (kandahar hijack). Our Government is waiting for someone to do it so that they can let them free.

I have only one request now.

Respected Government,
You are doing great things to us. You are giving job to many using job guarantee bill, you are giving rice to us for rs 2 per kg. But who will eat this if no one is alive? I am not requesting for a Z+ category security to all. But just a small assurance that if I go to market or if I walk through our streets, I can come back to my home with all my body parts at proper places and I am not inside a coffin. I am just a citizen who pay tax in front of you. But I am also a son/daughter of my parents,husband/wife for my partner and father/mother for my children. We are quite sure that if we die in blast, no one is going to help our family. So we request you to give as our ‘RIGHT TO LIVE’.

PS : I wrote this on September 1st and was waiting for September 13th to post . But similar blast happened again in Delhi on September 7.Series Blast on September 13 2008, Bomb Blast on September 27 ,2008 and now on September 7. All the bomb attacks in Delhi are happening in September.Hope government will increase the security in Delhi atleast on the month of september.

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