Friday, December 30, 2011

Comparisons, Comparisons and Comparisons...

Comparisons, Comparisons and Comparisons.... Life is all about comparisons. We are happy or sad just because of our Comparisons. "I have never compared my life with anything." - I guess a few might have said this on seeing my first sentence. Now let us take a few examples.

In a class room, if a student get B grade, it doesn't make him happy or sad. But when he got B while rest of the class received 'A' grade, you know what might be in his mind( and vice versa. When the rest of the class got 'C' grade) . Thus our studies are compared with others.

Now consider a couple. "Why my girlfriend/boyfriend is not calling like my roommate's friend? Does he/she really love me like the relation between my roommate and partner? ". or ""My husband doesn't love me much now, like he loved me in the beginning of our life” . I am quite sure something similar to this might have come across in many persons’ mind. Thus our love is compared.

"Why the hell, there are lot of work in my company while my friend in another company have not much work? He also have better salary than me" . How many of us have thought this? Thus our job and salary is also compared.

If you think you have not thought any of these , then we have more examples.

When you write the entrance exam, you will get a rank. What is it? Your score is compared with others and a rank list is set up. Thus even government is comparing you.

Now take the case of an IT company. Your performance is compared with your colleagues and a rank list will be made. You know what it is called.

When we say something is good or bad in Europe, we are comparing our culture with theirs.

Thus every moment in your life is compared. Ofcourse there is nothing wrong in comparing. It is this comparisons that made the so called development in the world. A small development when compared with previous experiment motivated scientists to continue experiments and create wonderful things that we enjoy today. It is this comparison, popularly known as 'competition' helped us to work hard to beat many of our classmates and reach good positions in life.

Thus zindagi sirf teen cheezon ke wajah se chalti hain,'Comparison,Comparison and Comparison' .

But a typical character that I have noticed among all is that, we use comparisons only for finding negatives.
I have seen many friends saying "My friend in XYZ company have more salary than me". We are in a country where people are working hard for a piece of bread. Why we are not comparing our salary with them? Aren't we really lucky to get atleast a five digit salary? We have all the facilities-TV, Fridge,Washing Machine, Computer, AC,mobile and all other electronic gadgets.We have parents, friends, siblings, job, girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife etc. We have everything that we need infront of us. But still we are not happy. why ? Please analysis and make a good starting in 2012.

Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year (compared to 2011).

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