Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A meeting with Manager

Disclaimer : The characters in this story and the rating technique used in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead or any rating method existing in any industry is purely coincidental.

A Discussion in a relay and switch Manufacturing company. Raju is a worker in 'relay' manufacturing unit.

Manager : Please be seated.

Raju : Thank you Sir.

Manager : You are aware of what is grr (group race rating) right?You know you will be compared with your teammates. Before starting discussion , what you think about yourself? How was your work in last one year?

Raju : I am very proud of me sir. My target was to manufacture fifty thousand relays. But I have manufactured 75000 relays. fifty percent more than expectation.

Manager : Oh , really!!! But as you know we are checking the performance of everyone in our company.You know Ravi have manufactured 80,000 relays. Ram manufactured 70000 relays and 10000 switches.

Raju : But I have met 150% of the target. Isn't that an achievement?

Manager : hmm.. Now consider other facts. Have you published any document regarding the techniques you use to manufacture of relays?

Raju : No.

Manager : Ravi have published a document too...What about supporting colleagues? Have you supported any one for their hardwork in our company? Have you give a 'pat on the back' of anyone?

Raju : Sir , I had to work till midnight to read this target even 75 k, then how could I get time to talk to others?

Manager : That is not my fault.

Raju : I haven't even gone home on some nights.

Manager : We never told you to sit here till midnight.We told you to finish work.

Raju: How can I finish work after going home? I can't carry the relay unit with me.

Manager : I don't know.But you know you are not much efficient when compared to your peer group.

Raju : So what about my 150 % target achievement?

Manager : Our company will always appreciate that. We are thankful to you. But at the end of the day,others have done manythings more than you.So..

Raju : Thank god , there is no school in the world where they need students to score 150 marks out of 100 and still the student fails.Thank you sir for your feed back. Bye.

While coming out of conference room, Raju asked himself " Why I worked hard like this?" ...