Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21st century

19 th century

British Kingdom(Lord), Land lords and Common people(workers).

Land lord : Work hard. Representative of East India company came. They need 10% more rice as levy this time. We need to make it.
Workers : It is impossible. How can we make it possible , after that we don't have anything left to live.
Land Lord : I don't want to hear any excuses. I want more on next month when I come.

After a month

Land lord : How much rice?
Workers : If we do this, we and our children will starve to death.
Land Lord : Who cares you . I need it to give to Lord.

At Lord's palace :
Lord : Did you bring the levy? East India company is angry about you.
Land lord : Yes , here it is.
Lord : OK.Good. Take this as a gift from me.
Lord happy. Land lord got a small gold chain for his work. He is also happy. What about Workers?

21st Century

Client, IT company and Software Engineers .
Company : Work hard. Client told to finish work by end of next month.
Engineers : But it is very difficult sir. We have to work atleast 17-18 hours to finish task.
Company : I don't want to hear excuses. Work hard if you need salary. Else you can leave. We will find another person.
Engineers : We will do it.
After one month
Company : Did you finish work?
Engineers : Yes sir. It was really a difficult task . We really..
Company(not allowing to complete the words) : I don't want to know how you did. You did or not, that is the only thing I want to know. It is nice to hear that you guys finished it.I am paying for your work. Don't want to hear more.

At Client office

Company : sir, we have done the work .
Client : Hmm.. Good.
Company: Sir....
Client : Understood. Will give next project also to you.
Company: Thank you Sir.
Finally client is happy and Company is happy. Engineers??

200 years... Society changed. Persons changed.. But the same things are happening .

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