Saturday, August 1, 2009


hi guys, my first post was a common one, let me come up with a strange post this time... i am introducing a "GOOD" man before you, the unique man-SCHKL GROOBER- didnt understand ???

he is the famous ADOLF HITLER.. He felt old name is not good , so he put the name himself, a name that changed the entire 20th century.

wht all you guys feel whn you first thnk abt him?? a mad man who killed millions of people?? a man who destroyed the entire world??? well you are rite to an extend.but i am really sad that his strengths were not found by others.........

those who learning MBA must consider him as the GURU.guys u just think the condition of INDIA,even after 60 years of independence, we r not developed, but jst look the condition of Germany when Hitler took power, everythng was destroyed in 1st world war. industries were down, agricultural land lost fertitily by bombings.. the value of mark( german currency ) were decreasing every second at that time.. from that condition germany became world's number one country by 1938, we can tell its just military strength, but one thing is true that germans were happy with his ruling.. i do accpt his cruelty to jews, but it is not enough to cover the strength that he made for german economy...


We all say that hitler fallen on 2nd world war.. americans are saying it proudly.. but just take a map, look size of germany italy and japan, these 3 small nations fought against rest of world for 6 years.. jst imagine that nation can ever do lik this, thats the mental strength of them. even america had to use atom bomb to finish the war, i really feel pity on that.. jst imagine america using their entire army power to destroy 300 small islands... evenif we put all those together, it wont hav size of kerala !!!

hav you ever thought why all hate hitler?? answer is quite simple, when a person is kid itself, all inject into mind that hitler is cruel .. our texts also support it.. so by the time a man grow up, he will naturally consider hitler as bad only.. NOW THINK A SITUATION- hitler won 2nd world war. then wht mite hav happend??? the same texts that say hitler is bad will contain heroism of hitler, he will be the best man in the world according to their view if it had happend... wht that really hapening now is that text books are created to support america and their principles only..

t hink youself is hitler alone responsible for that 2nd world war?? can anyone blame him alone?? we all leanrd tht it is hitlers plan, but it was actually a revenge of a brave man to those who destroyed his nation on first world war, if pakisthan do anythng bad, indians will take revenge rite? so why we blame hitler alone???

he may hav done many things wrong,but he is the man who changed the story on a complete century,his ideologies may be wrong, but he was hardworking and courageous and a NO FEAR man,such leaders are very rare in todays world...

what all we say, its really true that a great leader lik hilter hav never born in the world ...

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