Saturday, April 21, 2012

“Catch me if you can” : Bourbon Biscuits

After reading a post in Sona’s blog, I thought of buying some Bourbon biscuits . Usually I don’t try new taste. I will be happy if I get Dosa/Idly/Iddiyappam/Puttu in the morning, Kerala meals at noon and night. But last two years , infact from the day I joined Infosys, my daily routine got changed. I tasted a few new things like Battoora, Aloo Paratha,curd Rice, Lemon Rice,Tomato Rice, Pizza etc. But among them, I liked only Batoora. I tasted Aloo Paratha only once and never tried again!! I tried pizza only twice. I didn’t like that taste too. Other items , I will try only if I didn’t get meal at noon. Though I don’t like chappathi and poori,they were added to my menu as I do not have much choices left. How long can I manage with Dosa and Idly from hotels? Coming back to the topic, after seeing the post and the comments in it, I asked one of my friend about the biscuit and his reply was also similar to what Sona had written. So I decided to buy a packet of Bourbon.

The very next weekend, I had a trip to Karnataka. I had to buy a packet of biscuit as I don’t get vegetarian food from the restaurant that usually bus stops for dinner. I bought a packet of bourbon from a shop, as my dinner.But on that occasion I got vegetarian food from the same hotel !! So I decided to keep biscuit on the net basket near seat so that I could have them when I feel hungry at night. I usually do not get a good sleep when I travel in bus. This time I got a good sleep too!! Fortunately I woke up on time and I took my bag and went to door. After bus left my stop, I realized that I forgot that biscuit pack!! Thus I lost my first Bourbon pack and 25 rupees.

As I was not a bourbon fan, I forgot about biscuits for some days. After couple of weeks, when I went to that shop again, I saw bourbon on the same rack,from where I bought it two weeks back. This time I decided to buy it again as I didn’t get chance to taste it last time. Another twenty five rupee packet was bought by me. It was a Thursday. When I reached home, I kept it in kitchen, thinking that I would have them when I feel hungry. But I didn’t feel hungry and I forgot about it!! Next day, I went to home as it was Friday. (I am staying with my friends at Trivandrum) When I came back on Monday ,I could only see an empty packet on the waste basket. My friends who stayed back on weekends finished the bourbon!!! So this time also I didn’t get chance to taste it.

Last week, I had a trip to Banglore to see my cousins and to see Banglore DC. This time I remembered about bourbon and decided that I would not miss it this time. As the shop was near the bus stop at Kazhakkoottam, where the Banglore Volvo usually stop, I decided to leave 10 minutes early and buy biscuits. I reached shop, went to the spot where they usually keep the biscuits but got disappointed to see mortein coils and other mosquito repellants on the place where they used to keep biscuits. I asked a lady staff about biscuits and she took me to new place where they keep biscuits. All varieties of biscuits where there, except bourbon!!! When I asked about bourbon, after searching the rack , she went inside to take it from storage place. After two minutes she came back and told “ Sorry sir, Bourbon is out of stock“. So this time also it escaped from me!!!

The cat and mouse game between Bourbon and me is still very much on. The last thing I want to happen is me not liking the biscuit when at last I get a chance to taste it!
Till then, I am on the Bourbon hunt.
Dear Bourbon, caught, you will be, for I am the hunter.

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