Friday, April 20, 2012

The Twist

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are imaginary. Resemblances with anyone dead or alive is purely co-incidential.

Kerala Police Headquarters :

“Dev, did you read that intelligence report? What can we do now? We must act fast. If it happens, it will be a shame for entire police department.” Officer looked tensed.

 “Sir, I had told you about the seriousness of that issue when we got initial report on last May. But everyone laughed at me then. “Dev replied, with an unemotional face.

Officer got angry on his reply. His face turned red. “Dev, this is not an excuse. You are in charge of the district. If anything happens, you will be responsible for it. “

 Dev smiled, but he didn’t reply. Both of the remained silent for sometime.
 “Sir, you don’t have to get worried. I have full faith in our team. We will solve the issue.” Finally Dev replied, breaking the silence in the room.

“But how are you planning to take action? There are five schools in that region. It is impossible to provide security for all five schools.”

 “Sir, you leave it to us and wait for a week. I am sure they will act soon and we will give reply to them. I am leaving now.” Dev saluted officer and left room.


Government High School, Wayanad(Kerala)

 A small school on the top of a beautiful hill. Most of the students in this school are from tribal groups. School has quite a good number of students, as it is the only school in that area.

 January 7, 2012.Saturday -10 a.m

Special class for tenth standard students started. A total of forty five students are present in class. Physics teacher is taking lessons fast. He want to finish chapters by the end of January, so that students will get one month for revision, before their board exams which will be on march.

Suddenly they heard an announcement from office mike. “All students are requested to assemble at school auditorium.”

It was the voice of Head master. “ Is he mad? Today only tenth standard students have class. Then why did he announce a meeting?” Teacher asked himself in mind. He continued to take portions again.

 “Sir, we need to assemble at auditorium. Principal announced it.” – Anwar, one of his students told to teacher.

“It is fine Anwar. He might have made some mistake. There is no chance for a meeting today.” Teacher replied.

“No sir, we need to go now.” Dhananjay, another student in class replied this time.

 “What happened to you all? We are not going” Teacher got angry.

“WE ARE GOING” Anwar told it, taking a gun ,which was hidden in his socks. Suddenly seven other students including Dhananjay also stood up from seat, taking their guns.They pointed their guns at students.

All other students got shocked to see it. “Everybody stand up. We are going to auditorium” Anwar ordered.

“W..w..what is happening? What are you doing Anwar? What happened to you? “ Teacher asked. His face told that he was totally afraid.

 “We told you decently to take everyone to auditorium. We are waiting for this moment. You are under our custody now.” This time, Dhananjay replied.

 “But who are you? What you want?” teacher asked with a crying face.
 “Do you remember a news on last may? Eight members in our team were arrested by police. We want them released.” Anwar replied.

 “So… You .. you are….”

 “Yes, we are from the same group. You know teacher, we eight joined together in this school on last June. We were waiting for this moment. Now we will bargain to government, keeping you people in front. They will have no choice, but to accept our demand. Special thanks to your principal, who accepted our offer and joined with us.”

 “But how can you do this to your friends? “  Sir asked.

“No, They are not going to do this.” Everyone looked to the direction of sound. ****************************************************************************************

Time : 11 a.m

All students reached auditorium. Dhananjay and three of his teammates in front, with guns in their hand, followed by students and teacher, other three teammates behind the students.Principal became happy .

“So everything went according to our plan. But where is Anwar? ” Suddenly a bullet hit on his forehead!!!

 Principal was killed. The seven member team , had no other choice, but to watch it , keeping their empty guns in their hands.!!!


(A few minutes back:)
Time : 10.30 a.m

“But how can you do this to your friends? “ Sir asked.

 “No sir, They are not going to do this.” Everyone looked to the direction of sound.

It was from Ram, their classmate.

“How sure are you that we are not going to do this? If government didn't approve our conditions, I will kill you first and throw your body to them.“ Anwar said, pointing his gun at Ram.

The moment he finished the sentence, Anwar got a shot on his chest and he died.

Others got shocked to see that they were surrounded by the servants in school.
They had hi-tech silencer guns in their hands. One of them removed his beard,which was a fake one.

It was Inspector Dev.
“You eight joined together in this class together. But you forgot one thing, Ram also joined in this school this year. He is my son. We got an intelligence report that terrorist group have planned to attack back through schools. From that time, there were muftis in all five schools in this region. Fortunately Ram had some doubt about you guys .We enquired about your past and got all information about you.From that moment, we ensured that this school is completely under our eyed by posting police as servants here. Everyone thought that they were just tribal people and gave this job. We didn’t arrest you early just because we wanted to know who else is involved in this plan. Now you can either surrender or you will get the same destiny that Anwar got. Ram, collect their guns”

 Ram collected the guns and removed bullets from it. They started to move towards auditorium.


Dev’s home

"Dad, will you get any reward for this?" Ram asked with a smiling face.

"May be. Why ?"

"Incase , if it is cash award, I need half of it. I want to buy a lap top." Ram replied

" I promise it, my dear.Even if I didn't get a cash prize, you will get a laptop, provided you score 95% in final exams. "

"Dad, this is not fair.You are bad."  They both looked at each other and smiled.

 The END

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