Tuesday, May 1, 2012

God must be Crazy (Last part)

“Yeah, it is clear, but I have another doubt. If god is inside us, then why are we going to temple?” This time it was Dheeraj who asked the question.

“That is really an interesting question. Now I am asking the same question back to you. Why do you go to temple?” 

“ This is not fair. You can’t ask that back to me. “ Dheeraj replied with a smile in his face.

“Just relax and please answer to my question.” Stranger asked again, as if he is expecting a genuine reply from them. 

“I don't know actually. I just went there for some peace of mind.” this time it was Rajeev who replied for the question.

“Really? Did you get that? Anyway let me tell the point clear. You know that our culture is thousands of years old. You have heard about Sanyasi. Right? How were they prayed?”

“Well, they used to go to forest and sat is some place under the tree and prayed.” Dheeraj replied with a happy face ,as it was the first question for which he knew the answer.

 But stranger , who was not satisfied by the answer , asked another question.
“Yeah, right. But why did they do that? Weren’t there any temples at that time? “

“Well, you need to ask them” replied Rajeev, indicating that he already got irritated by his questions.

Stranger replied : “Well... Leave it. Even I don’t know whether there were temples at that time. But the point is that, for prayer, you don’t  even need temples. But temples are for creating atmosphere for prayer. If you may be sitting at home, probably your mind may be in television, while you are praying. Temples helped to avoid that.But today, situations are becoming more worse. I have seen people saying that they need to go to temple fast and then to go for a party or to office or some other place. The moment they reach temple, their mind might have  started journey to next place. Else people may be thinking whether mobile in their pocket is vibrating or not.So, instead of complete focus on prayer, they split their minds for multitasking. As a result, they never get any satisfaction. Then they curse god, saying he didn’t listen to prayer. But they are not thinking whether they had really prayed. These prays are actually for self realization.”

“Self realization? ” Both Rajeev and Dheeraj said at the same time.

“Have you ever went to Sabarimala or Amarnath? Do you think gods are crazy and so that they went to top of mountains and sat there, instead of sitting near a main road?  If you have gone to Sabarimala, you might have noticed that the moment to reach 18th step, you can see a word there infront of temple ‘ Thathvamasi’ which means ‘it is you’. The god sitting there is actually you or your power. The tough journey to the top, symbolically represent the tough journey for you to realize who really you are. The moment you realize it, you will take responsibilities on you. Instead what we do today is consider god as someone who is outside you . Then you are giving all responsibilities to him. If he does good, then you are happy. Else you will curse them without even trying to analysing the situation.”

"What you actually mean by that?" First time, Rajeev showed some interest in stranger's words.

“When you pray to Ganapathy, what you actually expect? Do you expect him to come on his rat near you and remove all the barriers infront of you? Actually he is the power inside you , who gives you enough confidence and courage to beat barriers. The moment you thing both are different, you will lose your confidence.But still, he will try to help you through other persons also. Just like now he is helping you to come back to your life.“ Stranger explained.

“Now, God is helping me? How?” Rajeev got confused.

“In the morning, you had decided to commit suicide. But , when you came here, someone whom you had never seen came to you first and later , I came . Neither him nor me, has nothing to lose even if you commit suicide. Still we were here accidentally and talked to you. Doesn’t that mean someone is really interested to bring you back to life? Please take responsibility for whatever happened  and continue your journey.When you born in Earth, you ever thought that you would become an engineer, and then get a job here and then you might cry later ? But still , whatever happened is just because of you. Who took decision to join the company? You or God? But the moment you lost enthusiasm in job, you said God is cruel. “

“You are really cool. We should have been met early.” Dheeraj got excited after hearing those words.
Stranger smiled but didn’t say any word.

Rajeev also remained silent as if he was lost in his thoughts. After sometime he told “You are right sir. I am taking the responsibility. I will take responsibilities from here on. It is god who brought you here now.”

“See Rajeev, God is the power who is inside both of us and is same. There is no need for that sentence.Anyway I am leaving now. We will meet again.” Stranger replied with a happy face, which said that he is happy as Rajeev realized his mistake.

“But sir, please tell your name.”

“ I think it is irrelevant. We will meet again. Bye now “ 

The stranger walked away from them.

After some time , Dheeraj also said good bye, as he had to go for a DJ night.

Rajeev remained silent for some more time. Finally he took his mobile and updated new status.
“ Plan cancelled. Not going to commit suicide.”
His status didn’t get any like, as usual.

The end

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