Thursday, May 10, 2012

Destinations and Destiny

Disclaimer : All the characters in this story are imaginary and any resemblance with anyone dead or alive is purely coincidential

 “Who let these dogs out.. bow bow …” My phone started ringing. I attended a call, expecting a call from client which was scheduled by my P.M .
“Hello, Are you Mr. Vijay? ”
“Yes. Are you from Sears Office? “I asked, expecting a ‘ yes’ as reply from the other side.
“ No. Actually I am Rajesh’s roommate. He told that he want to see you. Can you come here to see him?”

Rajesh!!! It’s been 2 years since I met him. I was really excited to hear his name.
“O.K. I will come in the evening. But can you tell me why he didn’t call me? Still his ego is not allowing him to call?“
“….. “ (replying)
For a moment, I got frozen by his words. I had no idea what to do. Finally I replied
“ I will come as soon as possible.  “
I disconnected the call, sat on chair. I had no idea what should I do. Those beautiful days , when I was with Rajeev and other friends came to my mind.

 (Six years back)

“Cheers” .. Five  bottles of beer  kissed each other, when we  met after a few days. Parties were quite common when we were in college hostel.But , after the exams , things were quite different. Finally, we got a reason to meet and party tonight.

“Dear friends, I need to make an announcement.” Rajesh stood up from his seat.
“ Today is an important day for us. We got our result. Surprisingly, we all cleared it and became engineers.. One more cheers for all Engineers infront of me”  He raised his bottle again ..

“Usually you start speech after fifth peg right? Why so early this time? Already got kick? “ I asked him with a smile.

“You shut up , Idiot. I am not on the rock . I know what I am saying. “
He got a little angry, instead of getting sentimental, indicating that he still conscious.

“Let me continue friends. We were together for last four years. As our classmates say, we are five bodies and one soul. Today I want you guys to take an oath with me that we will be together for our entire life time. We got campus placement in Myinfosys. Next month,we will be joining there together. We will work together and stay together. If anyone want to change company, then we will switch together. Ok?”
Everyone clapped for those words which is present in everyone’s heart. We had never enjoyed a day like that before.  "

But how can friendship beat one’s personal passion. I had that question in my mind when he told that. I know that he wanted to be a journalist. He joined Engineering, just because of his parent’s compulsion. Last week, he told me that he prefer to die than to join an IT company, after all, we are Electrical Engineers. But, on this day, we- Rajesh, Sanjay, Akhil ,Vishu and me decided to forget our personal dreams and to join Myinfosys on November 11. 


“Who let these dogs out, bow bow bow bow…  “ I  woke up from my  dream world, when my phone started ringing again. It was my P.M, who called to inform that client call got cancelled. I was quite happy to hear that it got cancelled. I managed to find some excuse to escape from today’s tasks.
I started my car, I want to meet him as early as possible.My mind still disturbed,  thinking those old days.


On November 10  evening 5 p.m.
“Ah, we finally reached . ” Sanjay said while taking his bags from taxi. We had reached near our office guest house in Banglore. We were staying outside Kerala for the first time in our life. There was some tension, but everyone got excited as we will not be unemployed children, but will be professional software engineers from next day. We shown our id card and entered the guest house. This will be our guest house for next six months, during our training period.

To be continued…

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