Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Destinations and Destiny - Part 2

On November 10  evening 5 p.m. 
“Ah, we finally reached . ” Sanjay said while taking his bags from taxi. We had reached near our office guest house in Banglore. We were staying outside Kerala for the first time in our life. There was some tension, but everyone got excited as we will not be unemployed children, but will be professional software engineers from next day. We shown our id card and entered the guest house. This will be our guest house for next six months, during our training period.

November 11 morning :

Everyone woke up around 7 am morning, which is quite an early time for us . Even during our university exams, we never woke up that much early.  But still, it took time to get ready.  The biggest issue was with wearing the tie.
" I want to kill the person who inverted tie.I still don't know why a piece of cloth is need to be tied in front side of shirt,  like the chain of a Dog." Sanjay got angry as his fifth attempt for double knot also got failed.
" Don't you know one thing? We are forced to wear tie, just because we are like monkeys. You know the story of monkey and capseller , right? When Cap seller thrown a cap, monkeys just imitated him without thinking what they were doing. Just like that, when British people wore tie, we Indians just followed them, without thinking whether we need it. For Europeans, climate is 10-15 degrees and so tie will help to prevent cold air entering inside through the space on top of shirt. But here , we people are simply copying them and are wearing ties, even if the temperature is 45 degrees. This idiotic companies want to copy western culture blindly without thinking.  " I shared my view on wearing a tie.

" Let us discuss this matter later, just get ready . We need to report around 9 a.m."  Rajeev, who already got ready came to our room and said in a little loud voice, hinting that he is a bit angry are we were getting late.

"You can say it, as you know how to wear a tie. We are poor Indians. please give us time." Akhil replied, winking his eyes to us. We started to laugh and Rajeev left room with an irritated face.

Around 8.45, we reached our training centre. There were 120 trainees in the class and seat was arranged in alphabetical order. So akhil had to sit on the friend row itself, which is quite unusual. I had never seen him sitting in front bench in my entire life. But we were lucky that Rajesh and Rajeev got neighbouring seats and Vishnu and I got neighbouring seats. And seating was in a mixed order and so a girl was sitting on right side of Vishu and another girl was sitting on left side of me. As we were sitting near girls for first time in the life, there was a small tension for us.

First class was just an induction class, which helped us to know the rules and regulations that we should follow there. They informed us that we will be trained in Java . After 6 months, there would be an exam, which will be an elimination test. There will be some monthly exams also which will be informed later . If we lose in final exam, we will be exited from company. Every one got scared on hearing it. But we said " All is Well" , which is something that we were saying when our Principal scold us in college.

 It was a good day for us, as they didn't teach anything. We just sat their and counted number of girls in class. Divided them into two categories - Beautiful and non beautiful.

In evening, when the class finished, the girl sitting introduced her. Her name was Vaishnavi. She was from Delhi. It was really a difficult conversation for me, which just helped me to realize that what is pure English and what is my English standard. Vishnu, who came to give me company, left me alone in 2 minutes, after hearing her English. "Oh God, please help me.Please help me from this English Indian Girl.  " I started to pray.

I got bored as she was not stopping. For me, it was like watching a BBC channel. I used to watch it , but till now, I had never understood what they were speaking. My eyes started to search my friends. I saw them standing near the door, waiting for me. When they saw I was looking at them, they winked their eyes indicating that I am gonna be their prey for tonight. I looked around and realized that it was only Vaishnavi and me left in classroom. Some how I managed to escape and reached my friends.

Thus our first day got over.

Everyone was happy, except Akhil. He was sad not because we were not near him, but because  the north Indian girl Aditi,who sits near him  always  speak Hindi. He wanted to talk to her, but how can he, without knowing Hindi. He was quite sad on that day. Thus on day one, both Akhil and me got girlfriends, though both girls didn't know it.

From day two, it was quite hectic schedule for us.Training  time was from 9 am to 6 pm and then practical session till 1 a.m. After a few days, we all got busy with the schedules. Everyone stay together , eat together ,walk together. But no one talked much. Infact our talks were only about training and Java practical  exam preparations. We were really struggling to work according to schedules. There was monthly test on last working day of every month. And last exam on April 30th would decide our future.
First exam was quite fine for us , except Akhil who failed to clear it.We just consoled him and continued our preparations. Second exam was a little more difficult one for us, both Vishnu and Akhil lost the exam. Now things had started to become a little serious.

One morning, we were having tea.
" I am quitting this Job"  Everyone looked each other to know who said it.

To be continued... 


  1. you can't just stop like this common ya... moment I am all into it you just show up.... write the nxt part fast!! waiting eagerly...

    1. Next part will come soon... :)

    2. Dude i started reading this to only find out that u stopped it. Keep ur promises. Continue :)