Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time passed, but I didn't forget

This post is regarding a few  facts, that I read in newspaper or those which I had seen in front of my eyes.Year mentioned may not be accurate, but news are true. Time passed. Everybody forgot it , or had burried those inside mind. But I didn't forget these till now.

1.       During 2005/2006 , I joined for Engineering. It was at that time, the rumour about smart city started( for non keralites – it is like an IT park, many IT companies will come and start industries) . It was then, Ex- C.M. V.S Achuthanandhan, promised people that smart city will come true in 2009. I, just like most of the other foolish citizens, believed those words.I was very happy that I too would get a job in Kochi, as smart city would come true on  2009. Once I passout from college, straight away I can start a job hunt near my home. My dad told me like, I was  lucky as  IT companies will be in front of our home by the time I pass out. No job vacancies like that was available for him in his college days. I passed engineering in 2009, joined Infosys Trivandrum, worked there for 2.3 years and then quitted.But,even today not even a single building for smart city is constructed. I believe it will come true atleast by the time , my children will pass out their studies.

   2.    I remember U.S.A saying that there were dangerous weapons in Iraq. The battle against Iraq was because of that. Atleast in records they said like that. They won battle. Saddam Hussain hung to death. But where are those weapons??
     3.       During 2004/05, I really don’t know which year exactly , but I heard a speech from  CPI(M) leader saying they will make trade unions in IT industry also. UPA 1, will have no other choice, but to accept it, as they can’t continue without CPI(M). I thought about a CITU flag in front all IT company and 24*7 strikes at that time. Even now, it didn’t happen. Fortunately even that leader forgot that he had told like that.

     4.       I remember the words of Barrack Obama, in 2008, saying that he will outsourcing of IT industries. At that time, one of my friend told me it is better not to join Infosys ,  as Obama will stop outsourcing and all Indian IT companies will be closed by 2012. You know what the situation now is.

5    .   During 2004/2005 there was a rule passed by District collector of Ernakulam , there should  not be any race between the transport  buses and no overtaking is allowed inside cities. There was also another rule that, all buses need to have doors. These  rule were passed because of a few incidents happened at that time. Many had fallen from bus and died as bus started from stop when people were at footboard and had not entered inside bus. Also buses were hitting pedestrians, taking their lives. The very next day, I saw a picture in Mathrubhumi news paper ( a Malayalam newspaper) in which buses were in queue, at traffic signals. It was one of the rarest scenes that we can ever see in a state like kerala, where private buses are more and they are always in competition to beat other buses.All buses fitted doors in a period of three months.For one week police checked traffic rules.  But later, say after six months (or even before that) situations changed. Everything came back to normal state. Buses started to race. They started to hit common people who walks through road side again. With a painful heart I realized , this will never change. Poor people will fall again from buses. Pedestrians will be Killed by buses. No one in power is interested in their lives.

     6.       I remember high court order , wearing Helmet compulsory. How many are obeying that? What actions did police take? Still people are dieing because of head injuries.

     7.       I  remember Court order banning smoking at public places. Still I can see people in public road and bus with cigarettes on their lips.

     8.       I remember Cris Gopalakrishnan’s mail saying Infosys  would  give uniform salary for everyone in 2009 batch.( for those who doesn’t know the process – Everyone who got campus placement, joins Infosys as various batches for entire one year- july 2009 to March 2010. Date is fixed by Infosys , not by us. But those who join before September 30 have one salary and others  have another salary. A mail was send to him by someone saying it is not our fault that we join company late(after September 30) . And in reply, Cris promised same salary for all.) I worked in infy for 2 years and quitted. Till now, his words are remaining only as words.

     9.       In 2006/07, I remember honourable chief minister V.S Achuthanandan announcing all state government employees (men) should wear dothi on Saturdays.  Till now , no one, including his party supporters,  obeyed the order.
     10.   I remember government announcing construction of N.H 49 , Kochi – Madhura National Highway. Land acquisition happened when I was in nineth standard. I got happy that a four way lane will come at a distance of 1 km from my home. But till now nothing happened. A small plant which was on the land, which I noticed at that time , has grown into big tree. But still, NH construction is only in papers.

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