Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tolerant world and Intolerant India!!

Aamir Khan, another great Artist from India, has joined the debate on intolerance. In fact for the last few weeks we are seeing a few 'intellectual' guys sitting around in an air conditioned room and discussing whether we are becoming intolerant or not. And we have been tolerant to their discussions, though they called us intolerant. Bihar elections came just like a conclusion to those discussions and the initial victory was for the so called 'tolerant' force. Finally, when everyone started to discuss about black money, development etc, here comes our PK hero with the same intolerance discussion.

It is really nice to know that Aamir Khan got a wife who is aware of all the incidents happening across the nation.But it is the time to read the international column in news papers also. I would like to know the nation where they can live happily without any threat.

Europe was the best options till a few days back. But not anymore. Islamic State also prefers Europe just like the millionaires in India prefer.Another option will be United States of America, a beautiful land where the native tolerant people where forced to work under the White British and always been ruled by the them. But still the region is more tolerant than India!! Aamir and Kiran will be quite safe there. But what about their children? Every week there will be some news which shows some child has taken a gun to school and killed all classmates. A very tolerant generation!! Aamir can send his child to school on his own risk. But don't blame India's intolerance for whatever happening in America. Even though Sharukh is competitior, watching his movie 'My name is Khan' will help to increase GK.

Another great option is to move to Australia. The entire continent is very tolerant. Anyone who has a beard and a turban need to take a life insurance before landing. But Aamir doesn't have to worry. He is a 'Yo Yo' person. But, be careful in telling name.He also has got a second name which may not be tolerated by a few religious tolerant people there.

Another zone where Aamir should consider moving is Middle East. The region is quite nice for Aamir, but may not be nice for his wife , as she may not like to wear Pardah 24*7. But don't worry, that region is also more tolerant than India!! There are a few more options like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, ,Afghanisthan, Pakisthan and a few African countries. Those regions are very tolerant. But getting a job which suit the profile will be quite difficult. But still, it is worth trying. People have the freedom to choose the way of death. Bomb, rocket,gun, knife, stones etc...

Another region is Scandinavian countries which can offer you a decent job but they will take all your money back as income tax. More over they might not have seen Bollywood movies.

And another great option is China. The nation which loved Aamir as PK. People's Republic of China,a very tolerant nation. People has got lot of freedom to express. One morning Aamir can say the tolerance topic there; By evening he can join Dalai Lama at Dharmashala,Arunachal Pradesh. We Indians are known for giving refugee to everyone who needs.
But still, India is the most intolerant nation in the world!!

Dear Aamir,
Please be a little careful in speaking. We have a democratic system and people know how to respond to tolerance and intolerance. We saw your PK. We laughed and in the evening we went to temple. Can you think of doing a similar story about any other religion? And more importantly, if you think people of India have became intolerant after watching all your Satyameva Jayate episodes, it means you are a flop in conveying the message.

I am an Indian who belongs to Incredible India. Not your intolerant India.

P.S : I will again watch your good movies because I like you as an actor and I won't mix your personal life with professional life.


  1. Gr8 write up ....But i would prefer ignoring these type of shit remarks . Also i think these type of Film stars were less educated so that they don't know what to speak in public, eventhough i am also like as an actor