Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip- part 7 - GEC 2

After visiting both temples, I came back to Mysore DC. I had Iddly from A-Host in Food court 1, which was my usual breakfast for the 6 months training in Mysore.After having breakfast I called my friends. As expected they were sleeping.They woke up when I called and promised to reach campus by 11.

I decided to go to GEC 2.Initially I thought to go with friends. But as they would be late, I decided to go alone. Last day I saw GEC 1, but I didn't get chance to go to GEC 2. Two years back, on January 11 , 2010 - a monday , morning 8.45 a.m I entered GEC 2 for first time.I don't know how to explain that moment. A child,who was born in village in Kerala was standing inside the biggest building of a Multinational Corporate company.I was really excited at that moment.I still remember that day.


We(all students from my college) went together to GEC 2.Everyone had some tension in their face.After searching for some time we managed to reach near Induction hall. Vikram Poojari (H.R ) told us to 'swipe in' before entering hall- My first swipe as Infoscion. We entered the hall after swipe. To add beauty to the moment, a beautiful background song was playing - This is my Infy. That song made me proud that I too am a part of such a great Organisation.(But today , if I hear that know what my response might be. :) )
We sat on third row, right corner. Session started.
I remember Vikram, Anoop, Sumesh etc who gave introduction to us about policies of Infosys. I want to mention the name of one important person - Arun Nayar. He was the back bone of the entire arrangement in Mysore.He made a beautiful speech which inspired us a lot. Then some sessions on Income Tax and ASHI. Then ICICI people came to start account. Then some other boring sessions.


After watching the beauty from outside for some time , I entered GEC 2. Whenever I think about GEC 2, one incident always comes to my mind.

After Induction , I didn't get a chance to enter GEC 2 as my generic and intermediate session was in GEC 1. On stream training we got class in GEC 2. Since Java was a dead module for me in intermediate, I prayed god to give me anything except Java. But he didn't hear my words. Ours was one of the rare batches. All the 240 students in NCS batch were given Java for stream training. If there was another stream, there might be a chance for me to get anything except Java.As god didn't like that, entire batch was selected.

Class rooms announced. As there was no other stream, the entire class was shifted to GEC 2. So we got another 2 months to sit together and that really helped to strengthen friendship.As usual my college friends got one class and I got another.

On the first day of stream training, we reached GEC 2 by 8.30 , we had no idea where our class were. One of my friends asked security - "where is B one thousand and six room? "
Security: Sir which room?
friend: B thousand and six.
Security: There is no such room here.
Friend: But it was written like that in mail. I have written it in my book. Look. ( he showed his notebook)
B 1006
He called another two securities to ask about this. After looking at book for sometime they all started laughing.
Security : Sir this is not B one thousand and six. This is B one - zero zero six (B1 006- Basement 1- sixth room). Please go through this way sir. He showed steps to Basement 1.
We said thanks to security and walked as if nothing happened.
Fortunately my class was G 067 and so nothing like that happened for me.Ground floor class room number 67- third class on right side after entering GEC.So it was easy to find. My last two months in Infosys Mysore started with that funny incident. When I entered GEC 2, I checked whether that security is still there. But all the securities were new people.

After entering GEC 2, first thing I did was to go to Induction hall. I went there and stood outside hall for sometime. After that I walked through all the corridors, which I couldn't do earlier,as a trainee here. Finally I reached G 067 - my class. It was as usual. Completely filled with students. Everyone were busy with studies and no one even bothered to look at me. My seat -65 was occupied by a girl , who was very busy on call.

If you ask me to tell a place that I didn't like in Mysore campus, I would say- G 067. I came to class in those days with a negative mind as I got Java. And my marks also proved it. Though I had no dead modules, I never got an A grade in stream training(except for POST ). I got retest for three modules. The thing I hate most was devsquare. Everytime when I submitted the answer, I believed that I had given right answer. But Devsquare never accepted me. I felt to throw my computer many times when I saw my marks. But somehow I handled my frustrations.

Then I went to cyber cafe on second floor.This was the place where I spend most of my nights. I always had a system 'logged in' there. I kept a book there to make sure no one else occupy that seat. It was not by me alone, but most of the back benchers in my class. We were sitting there from 11 p.m. It was at this place our friendship strengthened. Sitting infront of slides till 3 am. Taking a cup of coffee in between from the coffee machine. Some silly chats and gossips,tensions, discussions,fights etc in between. It was really a heaven. If I have contact with any of my friends after 2 years , it was because of this.It was the same reason why when I asked for a gettogether they said a "YES" without a second thought.

Suddenly my phone rang and I came out from my dream world. They reached campus. I told them to come to food court in GEC 2 and I went to lift to go to Food court in Basement 2.

to be continued..

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