Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip- part 6

We reached Grand Pa's Hotel by 9 p.m. We went on a car and bykes as friends from Chennai had came on car and friends in Mysore D.C had bykes. It was really a beautiful night.We had our dinner from there and sat there till 12-12.30 night and had a long chat.Last 1.5 years-Changes,tensions, happiness,sorrow everything that happened in our life. By 12.30 we decided to go to Hotel Palmyrah. We had already booked 4-5 rooms for a total of 2500 Rs.But when we reached there they replied as if they have never told such things and they need 5000. As we were not ready to accept it, we left the hotel and started searching a new one. We had a few cards of hotels in Mysore. We took them one by one and started calling to hotels.Finally a hotel agreed to give accomodation for 2000 rs.Hotel was near Bannimandap.We had no idea where it was and Mysore friends had already left to their home. At night 1.30 , we were at Mysore city , searching the hotel. Finally , by 2.30 we managed to find the hotel. Straight away we gave the advance and went to room to sleep.


January 15 , 6 a.m

I woke up early as I had decided to go to LakshmiKanth Temple and Ganesha Temple near Mysore campus. I took bath and left early. I had already told my friends about this and we decided like they would reach campus by 10.30-11 and I should be there at that time, after going to temples.

I came out of hotel. I had no idea where it was and where to go to get bus to Mysore DC. Bus code for Mysore campus Bus was 116/119 . But no bus having this code came to bus stop.And there was no one in bus stop at that time to ask.It was a sunday and the cold climate.Finally I got an idea. I caught a bus going to city bus stand. Last stop was bus stand and from there I entered 116 , without any confusion.

Around 8.30-9 a.m , I reached near Mysore campus. I went to Lakshmikanth temple first,which is very near Mysore campus.This was the first temple I went, after reaching Mysore. God always has an important part in my life. There was not much change for the temple. But the surrounding places have changed. Huge constructions have come up around the temple. when I entered temple,I could still feel the same energy that I felt when I went there two years back. After praying, I went to Ganesha temple in LakshmiKanth Nagar. There are Hanuman temple and Navagraha temple also, along with Ganesha. As I always have a locket of Hanuman Swami in my chain, this temple give me more mental power whenever I went.I came to know about this temple after 3 months of training.After that one saturday I decided to go to temple and from then on, I made sure that I would go to both temples atleast once in 2-3 weeks.A part of credit for my successful completion of Mysore training goes to gods.

After visiting both temples, I came back to Mysore DC. I had Iddly from A-Host in Food court 1, which was my usual breakfast for the 6 months training in Mysore.After having breakfast I called my friends. As expected they were sleeping.They woke up when I called and promised to reach campus by 11.

to be continued...

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