Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip- part 5 - ECC and Musical Fountain

With a disappointed heart, I decided to go back to smoking corner, where my friends were waiting for me. But, on my way, I decided to see my class room,just to know whether it was empty. I reached near my class. Some students were present on that saturday, reading slides. I entered the class and found that my seat was empty. At the same time , all who were sitting there looked at me and my black tag with a question mark . Though they didn't say anything, I could read what they told in mind. " Why this Kolaveri? Please leave us alone atleast on weekends." I felt like saying "I was also a student like you guys 2 years back. This is just a cycle. After 2 years you may also stand here like me." But I didn't tell as no one asked me any questions. I came out and went to smoking corner,where my friends were waiting for me.

Around 3.00 p.m. "What is our next plan? " , one of my friend asked. Everyone looked at eachother , but didn't said any word. But everyone got what was the next plan. We went to ECC.We were in ECC till 7 p.m . You can guess how that 4 hours went. We played table tennis,Bowling etc. A few went for swimming also. I lost all games in Table tennis. But in bowling I beat my personal best to score 145, with three strikes. And none of my friends beat it. I was quite happy that even after 2 years , I still have that magic touch in my hand. Time went very fast and by 7, we decided to leave ECC.

We had planned to stay in Hotel Palmyrah that night.We had also planned for dinner at Hotel Grand Pa's in the city that night.But as I don't want to miss Chola Batoora in Mysore campus, I decided to have a batoora from campus.I would not get another chance for sure.Actually there was a reason behind this. I had never even seen a Chola Batoora before reaching Mysore.When I saw it for the first time there , I really wondered what was that huge thing. After 2-3 weeks, I managed to find it's name and at one evening, I decided to taste it. After that I never had a week without batoora in my life. I had it atleast twice in a week and I am still continuing it in Trivandrum as we have batoora as breakfast in a food court.Though it is not good like the Batoora of Mysore,I want to have it because of Mysore memories. So how could I miss it from Mysore when I am there?

After having Batoora, I joined my friends and we went to GEC 2 to see the musical fountain. Show started at 7.30. I never enjoyed it when I was at Mysore for training. In those days, evenif watching it, my mind was at slides.So I couldn't even sit properly for 30 minutes.But today, I found it quite beautiful and I felt like I really missed it when I got 6 months here. While we were sitting in the steps of GEC 2 , watching the beauty of fountain, we saw a guy, holding the hand of a beautiful girl, came and sat on the step infront of us. For the first time in my life , I felt sad for not having a girl friend . It would have been really nice to hold the hand of someone whom we really love and sit in those steps listening to the beautiful songs and dancing water. To add it's beauty , that was a cool evening and a clear sky. Stars and Moon were adding beauty to that scene. But that feeling also left me when the song finished.It is better to be single so that I could enjoy the beauty of the world rather than sitting with a girl for whole life, atleast till the age of 27.

By 8 p.m we came out from Mysore campus. We saw a huge crowd under a tree near the entrance and so many mobile flashes. We went there to see what was happening and saw a girl standing there. Everyone were taking photo of her.I think if I explain the scene perfectly, it would be violation of Infosys Policy, but I don't want you to miss an idea of how she looked.She was very fair, thanks to Birla white wallcare putti that she had put in her face. Hair was straightened, which is quite common now a days.2 inch thick lipstick added more 'beauty' for her. And the most important thing was her dressing.I have seen similar dress only in Bollywood movies and never seen someone wearing in road in real life before. So you can imagine how it was.No doubt so many guys were taking pictures.

After standing there for some time, we went to Grand Pa's Hotel.

to be continued...

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