Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip - part 1

On Friday, January 13th 2012, at 6.45 pm, an Airavat Bus of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation started its journey from Trivandrum bus stand to Mysore. On seat number 20, a window seat, was seated one Infoscion. Yes, It was me- my last trip to Mysore as an Infoscion. A small trip, which is not to reproduce those old days , but to walk through them, just to remind me where I was, when I started my career and where I am, now. A journey to produce the glimpse of those good old days. A few of my friends from Bhuvaneswar and Chennai DC were also coming. The bus started moving slowly through the traffic.I was going to see my campus after a long time, the campus which moulded me as an 'I.T professional', the campus which gave me many good friends, the campus which haunted me with devsquare. With a calm and quiet mind, I looked outside. For the first time in last two years , I felt that I am very much relaxed. ( I will tell more about it later, may be in another post) .


Two years back, on jan 9th, I started my journey to Mysore with a few of my classmates. Fiftytwo from my batch had got placement in Infosys. Around thirty of my friends are joining while the rest decided to go to some other companies or for higher education. With lot of expectations and tensions I started my trip.Though I heard like life in I.T is tough, I had decided to be in Infosys till the age of 58, which is the age that an employee is supposed to retire from job. Like many others, all I know was 'Infy is a company with a difference'. So why should I leave it for a few more bucks that the other companies may give. Afterall I am not going to carry the money to heaven or hell when I die.

On tenth morning we reached Mysore. After waiting for some time for a few other friends who where on another bus,we reached campus by 1 p.m. After all the formalities at the entry gate, we all entered into the campus with a mountain of hopes about our future. When we entered the first sight was a huge construction called GEC 2. Global Education Centre- where we are going to be moulded to great I.T professionals. "Do I really deserve to be in such a great place? " This was the first question came to my mind when I saw the building for the first time. I got my room in B 86, room number 423.


Bus stopped near a hotel for dinner. " 20 minutes, please have your dinner and come" conductor told to us and went to hotel. I came out and looked the board - 'Hotel Sarovaram- Veg and Non -Veg ' . "Hope I don't have to take biscuits as dinner." (Usually I won't get veg curry in any hotels that KSRTC stops. So biscuits where my dinner when I usually travelled to Mysore ) I told myself and entered the hotel.

Waiter: Sir, What you want?

I : Ghee roast.

Waiter : Sorry, No ghee roast.

I : Masala Dosa.

Waiter: Sorry no masala dosa. Only Chappathi , porotta and appom.

I : Ok . Then Chappathi and vegetable curry.

Waiter : Sorry , only Chicken and Beef are available.

I : Oh , ok .

With a sad face decided to go back to my seat to take biscuits. Understanding that he was not going to get a chicken or beef as order, waiter told me to wait. He went to kitchen and came back to say that chana masala is there. So with a pleasant face I ordered chappathi and channa. It is always a custom to force travellers order non veg as they(hotel owner) get more profit.

After my dinner, I entered bus. My journey regained...

To be continued...

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