Wednesday, February 29, 2012


What was usually done in earlier days when a king died? Who would succeed him? His son would be selected to rule the province. This was what we call as dynasty rule. An entire province was ruled by one family for generations. We know Mughals, Lodhs, Khiljis etc. who ruled certain parts of our nation for many years. Fortunately or unfortunately the same custom is being followed in our country even now. We proudly say India is the biggest democratic country in the world. But is India really democratic?

Consider the state from where you are reading this post from -Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa or Punjab. There is atleast one family , which carries the legacy of controlling a political party. When a leader dies, he want his son to become next leader. What will happen if an M.L.A or M.P passes away in one province? Even before his/her funeral is over, the party will make sure that his/her son/daughter / wife/husband will be next candidate for the election. I am not against it as long as they are eligible. But when it comes to qualification, most of the times, the only point he/she can tell is that his/her father is a politician. There were thousands of workers who have dedicated their entire life for the betterment of the party which they believe. But one morning a person from nowhere became a candidate just because power is in their blood.

Now comes the voting process. Voters are given with two options .
1 . A Demon
2 : son/daughter of a vampire.
Then some local ghosts which are available only in their city.
Our voters are so generous that they will forget all the cruelties of Vampire and they will accept his son with full heart to carry on the Vampire’s legacy.

Is this what we really call democracy? If this doesn’t work out, an internal census will be taken to know which caste has the highest vote and the candidate will be from that caste. After that some special traditional customs like vodka for vote, money for vote etc. would be conducted. Finally a person wins and he will never visit his constituency for next five years. One cannot blame about this situation in the state alone; the entire nation is given to one family by our people. There were several good leaders who gave their life for development of our country. But today, politics is like a family business for many. A business which gives high returns.

One can still argue by saying that they are selected by people. But then I would like to explain the definition of Democracy. According to Wikipedia – “Democracy is the ideal that all the citizens of a nation determine together the laws or actions of their state, requiring that all citizens have an equal opportunity to express their consent and their will.” So what is existing in our country? Democracy or Demon-crazy?

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