Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip- part 4 - GEC 1

I went to GEC 1 to see my batch owners.After a long time, I got a chance to see it. When I was at Mysore, I never felt that GEC was beautiful. Rather it looked similar to home of 'Draculas' in those days. But now I think I really missed this 'heaven'.

I went to notice board first as my life in GEC started from the notice board.


On 19th january 2010, the last day of ILI session, it was announced that we would get a room in GEC for training. By evening 5 p.m , we heard that classroom and seat number was listed in the notice board in GEC 1 and so we went to check classroom. It was then, I entered GEC 1 for the first time, which became a part of my life for next three months. It was known to us that CS would get one classroom and NCS will get another and so I was expecting my classmates in college who joined in Infosys to be with me in my class.There was a big rush infront of the notice board as everyone was trying to find their names.We managed to reach near noticeboard somehow. CS batch got a room in GEC 2. And my friend Arun, who reached closer to the board than us, told that NCS got classroom in GEC 1 - room name C V Raman. I was happy to hear that. To know my seat number I waited there for a few minutes and checked my name. But my name was not in that list!!! I got wondered and searched again. No , my name was not there. But then someone told me to check another list.My name was there in it,GEC 1 - GLC 001 - Chandrasekhar Subramanyam seat number 76. I was shocked to see that.What happened was since the number of students are more than 120, they splitted according to alphabetical order.Till 'O' in one class and remaining in other class. All my friends, Arun, Arabind, Ajin, Anish, Kiran, Anand, Anie, Jaisy, Jayalakshmi, Nileena etc were in C.V Raman. Just 3,Sherin, Shilpa and me on the other class. I was about to cry on seeing the list. I never thought I would have to be in a class like without them. While I was checking my name, my friends went to check their class and came back. I had no idea what to do, just came back to my room with me. From the next day, we would be splitted.

January 20 started with lot of tensions and worries for me. We started off together from B 86 to GEC , had breakfast from FC 1 - A-host. Then , we got splitted , CS batch to GEC 2 and NCS to GEC 1. On reaching GEC 1, we splitted again .Everyone except me, to C V Raman and me.. I had no idea where was my class room. Just started to search that( Sherin and Shilpa were not with me then). Some one told that 'G' in GLC is ground floor and 'L' means Left wing. So I went to Left side of ground floor and started searching. " Ah, there it is. " I found my classroom without much trouble. I just looked inside through the small transparent glass section on the door and found that a few are sitting there. I felt like everyone except me know eachother at that time. Somehow I entered and found my seat. Right side, Second last row - almost middle seat,three people on my right side and four on my left.

You could imagine what might have happened next. I looked around and found that neither Shilpa nor Sherin had arrived. "Hello, I am Suneetha" - I turned right to check who was saying it and saw a girl who would be one my neighbours, for the rest of journey in Infosys Mysore. "I am Sumodh." I replied. Suneetha was from Andra Pradesh.After, she got placed in Infosys. She is married and husband is also in Infosys. I was happy after the chat, not because of talking to someone, but happy because she understood my English!! It was my first conversation in English with a person other than the interviewer who came for Infosys placement. I got some confidence that I can manage. It was followed by talking with everyone sitting in my row. Sumitha, Sukrit, Surya, Sugandha,Sudhanshu and Sushomoy. My seat was between Sumitha and Suneetha. And after a long chat I found that Sumitha was also from kerala.Though she had her schoolings in North, she could understand Malayalam. That made me much comfortable. But I never used too much malayalam as it would be uncomfortable for others.

"jo hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai" . I was splitted from my friends, but it helped me to get more friends. If I was in other class, I would have been with my friends always and would have finished class without knowing anyone else. But now , since I had no other choice, I talked to all and I got so many friends. I would like to add a few more names along with the names mentioned above. Subhomoy, Shauma Jyoti, Sudarshan, Shivakumar, Sandeep, Sridhar,Sripal, Vivek naming a few. But I was a kind of guy , who had talked to almost everyone in the class, especially with those in the back row.Today ,I could say I know atleast one person in each state.

By the end of three months, when we got transfer to GEC 2 for stream training , we all were attached to our classrooms and seats and found it difficult to move say good bye to our class. Finally, we left and some other batch took the class room. The process is continuing now also, like a cycle.


I went to staffroom section where Aarsha, my batchowner was sitting and I got disappointed.I forgot that saturday is holiday for E & R. There were a few teachers sitting,who had came to take class for a few NCS batches.I went to see E & R head also, who helped me a lot in those days. But , as expected he too was not there.

to be continued...

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