Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip - part 2

With a lazy mind, I came back to my seat.

“Hai, my name is Harish” , the guy sitting near me introduced himself. When the bus started from Trivandrum, he was busy, calling and messaging someone. “Hai”, I replied. Thus conversation started. He told that he came to Trivandrum to see his girlfriend, who went to Bangalore that evening. It was followed by an essay about her beauty. I felt like he was a medical representative or insurance agent as he didn’t give me a chance to open my mouth. Finally I managed to ask a question- “What are you doing now? Studying or??“ He didn't even allow me to finish my question. He replied that he is a P.G student in travel and tourism. It was followed by a seminar on Tourism and told about the great things that he had done in the field. I repented asking that question. Essay about girlfriend was better than this seminar. Bus reached Alleppey by 10 p.m. and he left. I slept after that , as I was also supposed to be very busy on next day.

On Jan 14th , by 8.30 a.m. , I reached Mysore bus stand. “wow” This was the first thing I felt on seeing bus stand. When I left Mysore 1.6 years back, the construction of bus stand was going on. I never thought it would have finished in such a short time. The construction was really nice. If it was in Kerala, it would have taken three ‘five year plans’ to finish the same.After reaching there, I called my friends.But none of them attended the call. They were coming by car from Chennai. I was afraid whether some issues had happened like break down.But still they should attend call. So I got tensed. We had planned like whoever comes first should book a room and others join them. Since they were not attending call, I got confused.

I have a belief like whenever you need help from god, he will come in front of you to help. This time also he came. He came in front of me as Anoop. He is also an Infoscion, from Trivandrum. I was surprised to see him there. Anoop came to collect some H.R documents. He knew a friend in B 93 and so I too went along with him to campus as my friends were not attending call. Thus my morning confusion solved and I got a chance to enter hostel rooms again, which was not expected when I started my trip. By 9.30 , I reached Mysore campus. We took a cycle from parking area near ECC and went to parking area near B 86.After a long time I was riding a cycle. In fact I never had driven one, after leaving Mysore last year. Mysore campus has not changed much other than a few constructions for food courts, that had came up recently. But one change I noticed was lack of discipline. Everyone was walking on the road and none used footpath. Surprisingly no security was using any whistle. When I was having training there, sounds of whistle were always heard. Once security came to take my tag to report complaint that I walked through ‘road’. But I somehow managed to escape then. But today no one cares about security.

After walking for some twenty minutes, we 'discovered' B 93, which was at the extreme corner of campus, near the boundary wall.We took bath and had breakfast. While I was having my breakfast, I got a call from friends. They had actually reached Mysore campus by 2.30 a.m. and had ‘managed ‘ to enter campus at that time(Thanks To Strap surround meeting that took place at Mysore). They were sleeping in dormitory.I was happy that they had reached here early and I am going to meet them after nineteen months. So I went to see them and Anoop went to H.R.

Finally by 11 am,we all met at the food court on GEC 2. I don't know how to explain that moment, but I think you can imagine how it was. We all were together for six months. We all entered class at 9 am and left class at 12 midnight, but not to sleep.we went together to Cybercafe and was there to study slides till 2-3 am. It was this cybercafe meetings that increased friendship. In class, everyone was busy with studies and assignments. But at night, in those silence at cybercafe, we were not only studying, but shared our past life, future dreams,tensions,devsquare,Politics, difference between north and south.In fact everything under the sun were our topics.Six months gone like six days and we left to various parts of India. A few to Chennai, a few to Bhuwaneshwar and me to Trivandrum. Today we got a chance to meet each other.

to be continued...

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