Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysore Trip- part 3

We sat together at Food Court in GEC 2 for almost two hours, sharing our previous happy moments and how we all became machines now.Job had changed everyone.No one have much physical change, but mentally everyone have changed a lot. Dynamic youth was changed to stable workman who don't have much emotions. Whatever happens infront of you, doesn't matter. Work hard for client satisfaction. And it is the reason why my friends from Manglore DC didn't get time to come to Mysore. They had to go to office on Saturday and Sunday. Personal commitments have less priority. Client commitments are more important.I wish clients also work on saturday and sunday to know how people on East are dedicated to do their works. In between those tight schedules, some happy moments for us in Mysore.

After chit chat, we went to Oasis (another Food court) to have our lunch. After collecting food,we found joined two-three tables to sit together.One friend, who is in Mysore DC itself , told us that one should stand as security while others were going to wash hands. A new thief has arrived in Food court.He always steal others' food. Even security was not able to catch him.So I stood there while others went to wash hands. While they were away, the thief came near our seat!! A Cat!! That too without an id card at it's neck!!! I don't know how it entered the campus without tag and is still there ,without being punished by security. Ofcourse, 'status unknown' in sparsh may not be a worry for cat, but still, walking in campus without wearing tag is against our company policy. I just acted as if I took a stone from the floor and thrown at it. Cat ran away. Poor cat, he(or she) doesn't know that there is no stone in the food court. We all sat together and had our lunch.

After lunch, we went to smoking corner as a few friends have the habit of smoking. Smoking corner in Mysore looked really beautiful as usual.

Two years back, in induction class, I head the word 'smoking corners'for the first time. I had no idea what is that. A special corner for smoking? That seems to be strange for me. I have seen people smoking everywhere. Roads, vehicles, theatres and other public places. No one seems to have asked anything to them. And now these guys are telling that one should smoke only at smoking corner. What is this 'smoking corner'? How it look like? With a few friends, I went to smoking corner near Gazeebo to know what it is.

I don't know what to say. A beautiful place where chairs are arranged to sit and smoke.The place is surrounded by beautiful bamboo trees. A place where one can sit and 'smoke' happily ,without being disturbed by others. I felt like Infosys is encouraging smoking. Even I thought to start smoking when I saw the place.A smoke in a cool night in January. Doesn't it look beautiful? We all sat there for some time. Inbetween ,a lady (better call as a girl) came and took a cigarette from her pocket. I was shocked to see it. For the first time in my life , I saw a lady smoking. Previously, I had seen this only in Hollywood movies . Later , I became used to those scenes as I saw many girls smoking there whenever I go to Gazebo. Before taking a decision,we should think twice.As I was busy with hectic schedules , I didn't get time to think about smoking for a second time. And I got transfer to Trivandrum and I left my temptation to smoke at Mysore and came to Trivandrum without starting any new habits.

While sitting there, I remembered my batch owners- Aravind and Aarsha and decided to meet them.As friends had not much interest, they told they would be at ECC and I went to GEC 1 alone.

to be continued...

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