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This post is about a man who changed 20th century. If this guy was not born, the entire history would have been different. I am sure that you all know him. His name is Schkl Groober, popularly known as Adolf Hitler.
what comes to your mind when you hear about him?? A mad man who killed millions of people?? A man who destroyed the entire world??? Yes ,it is right to some extent. But it is also noted that he had many positives.

First of all, just think why we hate Hitler? Answer is quite simple.I would say that our school chapters have played an important role in it. From childhood itself, we are injecting into the mind of child that Hitler was a bad man. No wonder, when the child grows he/she will hate him. But who killed more people? Hitler in Germany or America in Hiroshima and Nagazaki? But did our school texts which says many things about cruelty of Hitler , raised any voice against America ?

When Hitler came to power,condition of Germany was worse. Everything was destroyed in First world war. Industries were down, agricultural land had lost fertitily because bombings,the value of mark( German currency ) was decreasing every minute.Germans were starving to death.No nations gave any help to them.They were like untouchables to other nations. Naturally it lighted a fire in the mind of Germans and it is this fire that helped them to become world power again. From the bad condition Germany became world's number one country by 1938.Well, we can tell that it is just military strength, but one thing is true that Germans,were happy with him. I do accept that he was cruel to Jews, but it is not enough to cover the strength that he made for German economy.Germans under the leadership of Hitler gained more power , both Physically and mentally. They acquired the power in 10-15 years that Indians are still trying to get even after sixtysix years.

Was Hitler alone responsible for Second World War?? We learned like it was Hitler's plan.But when we take it on a broad angle, we can see that it was actually a revenge of a brave man to those who destroyed his nation on first world war.If a country attacks India and destroy,do we stay calm and quiet? so why we blame Hitler alone???

In the end, we can say that Hitler fallen down on 2nd world war.Americans are saying it proudly. But just take a map and look size of Germany, Italy and Japan.These 3 small nations fought against rest of world for 6 years.Just imagine that situation.If we say Germany , Italy and Japan were military power what about rest of the world? In the end, eventhough Big five nations won the fight, they have nothing to get proud of. They had to use even atom bomb to finish the war, i really feel pity on that. Just imagine -America using their entire army power to destroy 300 small islands.Even if we put all those islands together, it doesn't have size of kerala !!!

Now think about a situation- Hitler won 2nd world war. Then what might hav happened??? The same texts, that say hitler is bad, will contain heroism of hitler, he would have been the best man in the world,who fought against the colonialism of America and Britain.Hitler would have been a hero who saved the entire world. He would have been the man who helped Subhash Chandra Bose to get freedom for India.

Hitler may have done many things wrong,but he was the man who changed the story of a complete century,his ideologies may be wrong, but he was hardworking and courageous and a NO FEAR man,such leaders are very rare in todays world.He shown it even at the time of his death. Whatever we say,we have to accept one fact -Hitler was a great leader.

P.S :
I wrote this article in malayalam when I was in +2. Later it was published in college magazine.

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