Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 in 1

Scene 1

First Street

He walked through the streets of road , but no one cared him.He was wearing a piece of cloth, which might not have even seen water for last two years.He requested everyone to help, “Sir, I am hungry. please give me one rupee.”. But no one cared him. He is known as ‘beggar’.

(Same time, another corner of the same street. A centralized ac building)

A person who is wearing executive clothes was requesting a person sitting infront of him, “sir, we are in a very difficult situation, we are way short of target. Can you please help us by giving an F D of ten lakh? Please sir.” But he is not a beggar. He is popularly known as bank employee.

Scene 2

Second Street .

‘Sir, We have a vast variety of various gold ornaments. You can select the best from it sir’ – he is known as salesman in jewellery.

(Same time, another corner of the same street. A centralized ac building)

“Sir, we have 24 carat gold coins. It would be great if you take one piece of gold weighing 50 grams. It would be a great investment option for you.” – But this person is not a salesman. He is known as bank employee.

Scene 3

Third Street

“”Sir, we have various schemes that are well suited for your needs. We assure you high returns along with the policy benefits that you are going to receive. Please check this brochure sir, I will explain each plan in detail….”

And the person sitting infront replied “ I am bored of hearing these policy plans. Will you please get lost!!!” Policy agent walked out with a sad face.

Same time,another place.

“Sir, there are a few good investment options for you,which ensures higher returns and at the same time provide you insurance for your life.”

As you expected,this person is also a bank employee.  :)

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